Studio Portrait Friday, September 18th Edition

Studio Portrait Friday   Studio Portrait Friday

Happy SPF everyone! This week I’ve been casting resin like a madwoman, partially to stock up for Halloween/year end craft fairs and partially for Ms. Shanalogic herself (nesting doll love)! Some of the kokeshi, like the ones above, I’m having a bear of a time photographing on white and it’s driving me bonkers! However, yay, the Frankenstein kokeshi set is done and photographed so it will be up early next week. So excited!

Studio Portrait Friday   Studio Portrait Friday

I went to Buffalo Gal, a local shop, yesterday and she picked up a ton of stock on consignment, so now it’s casting like a madwoman time yet again! She picked up almost all of my more traditional Halloween items so I’m probably going to end up having a more pseudo-gothic Red Queen inspired Halloween selection up in the shop. I’m also really hoping to have my charm section up within the next few days. I’m a busy busy bee!

13 thoughts on “Studio Portrait Friday, September 18th Edition

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Thank you <3 I know, right? LOL Thank goodness I've been making more than I need! I really need to photograph the new girls, might just have to ditch my traditional white BG.

        1. Brigitte Post author

          @ Rose Consider it done! :3 I’ll email you when the listing is up, should be by Monday at the latest (I need to take a photo of it finished for your listing) :D but the sun is going down, eep! Also for some reason WordPress won’t let me reply in the thread, strange!

      1. olivia

        i’m actually up in clearwater but I work down in St.Pete and one of my co-workers modeled some clothes for their website.

        1. Brigitte Post author

          @ Olivia: That’s crazy! I’m in Palm Harbor! :3 I go to Philippe Park all the time though, I lived in Clearwater for about 15 years, lol!

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