Studio Portrait Sunday, September 20th Edition

Zombuki Pullip In Progress   Halloween Kokeshi In Progress

If I wait until next Friday to post studio photos y’all are going to be overwhelmed so I figured I might as well post some today. First up is a new Zombuki Pullip in progress, this one is already reserved and is based on the (rather sad) Japanese tale of the Crane Wife. She is meant to be a sister to Hirondelle who was based on the myth of Leda and the swan. My original intent with Hiro was to have her as one of a pair of sisters so I’m happy that I finally got around to making her other half.

I also went ahead and started another Halloween kokeshi; this one is going to be really freaky with little skull heads stacked on top like some kind of crazy skully bonsai tree. I’m also doing it nearly all in metallic shades of silver; it’s about 75% done now and looking really freaky. My roommate was like, “Um, that’s really weird.” It will also be about twice the size of my standard kokeshi when it’s done.

In other news I have a crazy amount of reading to do today. I was locked in the studio all day and gone all night so I really need to get on my reading … of course hamster shopping sounds fun too … hmm …

6 thoughts on “Studio Portrait Sunday, September 20th Edition

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Thank you! I’ll have photos of the Pullip more complete on the regular studio portrait day for sure. Hehe, the kokeshi should be done soon, it really is freaky!


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