Zombuki Pipeline 2009

Zombuki Preview

I just realized that, even though it’s September, I’m nearly booked for the rest of the year. I plan my girls so far in advance some times it’s a year or more before I actually make them, and this year was an unusually slow year for Zombuki creation, I’m sad to say. I wanted to post some photos of some upcoming girls that I’m excited about, inspiration for a girl usually starts with a dress or a wig for me, and the ideas form around that.

Occasionally, I have to try to “find” things, but more often than not I’m allowed the luxury of waiting for them. Above on the left is a Hippie Girl and on the right is a blue Riding Hood. I’m also hoping to finish one Blythe this year (the Mad Hatter). I’ve had these pics for ages so I just woke up this morning really wanting to share them! I’m also going to try to make some girls that haven’t been pre-ordered, that way people will get the chance to see them come to life and they can find their homes that way. We’ll see! As of this morning I’m behind on my homework.

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