Halloween Week 2009, Monday

Gothic Resin Necklaces

Happy Halloween Week everyone. I think that Halloween is probably the only holiday I actually purposefully design a collection for, but that’s just because it’s such a freaking awesome holiday! I also wanted to make things that weren’t just for Halloween but any time someone wanted to dress up like something, even if that dress up happens every single day. I’m planning on starting out with Gothic Lolita slash Vampire slash Red Queen goodies and work my way toward Sweet Lolita slash Princess as the week goes by.

Today I added two of my favorite pieces to the shop, the Silver Crown and Cross Set, which comes with a cross cameo ring, and Red Crown Orb Necklace. They’re both big, bold pieces that come on longer chains, since the little chains just weren’t the right proportion (in my opinion).

Looking forward to adding lots and lots more as the week goes by/ There’s almost certainly going to be multiple posts on most days, incidentally, especially because Crane Wife, the newest Zombuki, was finished last night, and is just screaming for photos.

Happy Monday! Here’s to a good week.

Update: There resin necklaces are no longer available. Thank you for your support!

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