October Blog Giveaway: Blythe Doll Necklace

October Blog Giveaway

Welcome to the October Blog Giveaway, all! The first blog giveaway started a year ago this month, so this is lucky number 13! I thought it would be nice to do a giveaway for all my doll peoples out there as well, I hope you all like it! Doll pride!!

Interestingly enough this image was one of the ones where I was trying to track down the owner, so I could get permission to use it, but couldn’t, which is another reason I wanted to give it away.

Per usual, all you need to do to be entered to win is leave a comment! If you blog about the giveaway I will give you a second entry! Just make sure to link back to this specific entry on the blog so it pings back. Also, remember to use a valid email or I won’t be able to contact you if you win.

On October 31st I will draw a number via random generator and then email the winner! You will also need to be willing to give me a mailing address at that point, you know, so you can collect your prize.

EDIT: The results are in! Congrats to Miriam!

44 thoughts on “October Blog Giveaway: Blythe Doll Necklace

  1. pullipcutie

    I love that you are doing this raffle, that necklace is sooo darn cute. Could you add me to your mailing list so I know when the monthly blog giveways are?

  2. sugardoll

    Hi Ba! i’d like to enter this time! i’m never lucky but i might just give it a try, can’t resist your cute creations plus it is doll related and we all know dolls are the best thing in the world right? ahah hugs*

    1. butternutz

      and this stuff has totally got me trying to save for a tiny one and try to play with customizing, though I’d love to someday afford one of yours!! You awakened my love of dollhouses too

  3. Jasmine/Skada

    Guess I should enter a first entry! LOL

    But now for the other – what counts as a blog? I’m assuming LJ? Does Twitter count? And can we only get it once for as many blogs as we might post it on?

  4. steffi

    So pretty and cute! Orange is my favorite color. I bet even the Blythe doll wants to win this necklace <3

  5. Miriam

    Very cute! The orange is perfect in time for halloween, but also just a pretty shade that you could use it any other time of the year :D I’m also biased since I love that shade of orange :D

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