Zombuki Dia Studio Photos

Zombuki Eulalia Dia

Today is the two week anniversary of me not having a nice camera, so these were shot with my trusty old Olympus Stylus Verve … 4.0 Megapixels, baby! Nonetheless Dia’s offbeat charm comes blazing through. Laina will be giving her (who I’ve decided to name Eulalia Dia) a home, but she will be around here for a few months, so I can’t wait to take lots more photos of her.

Zombuki Eulalia Dia

New from last time, more detail on the chin, her eyelashes are a black and white striped, her right eye is clear and backed with book pages (white paper, black text) and a gray/black glitter iris. Her entire left eye is gray/black glitter and was hand cast in resin by yours truly. This was my first attempt at making Pullip eyes and I’m really pleased with the result, I might even start carrying them in my shop, I haven’t decided just yet.

Her dress is from Art Plonsjeroze and, again, I cannot thank kelpgarden enough for inspiration!

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