Bulletin Board, October 2009 Edition

October Bulletin Board

First off huge shout outs to Dad, the world’s best Dad, for getting me a twin of my old camera and bringing it by today – you rock! I decided to test it out by taking my monthly bulletin board photo, which I totally missed doing last month, and which is up there for all to see. Clicking will take you to Flickr where there are notes … joy.

Super Hero Family

In other news, since this was a used camera it came with a used memory card that included, you guessed it … used memories!!! I have no idea who these people are but, even on film culled from the deepest depths of their private lives, they’re keeping their secret identities secret. Yes, that’s right … Superhero Family!

4 thoughts on “Bulletin Board, October 2009 Edition

  1. mewski

    I want a bulletin board in our flat but no idea where it would go D: Guess when we start moving things and putting stuff in to place can get a better idea :3

    1. Brigitte Post author

      You should get one! I try to put mine in a place where it’s not too hard to get to so I don’t get discouraged from adding lots of stuff.

  2. aidan

    The bulleting board is great… I wish I would change mine more often. I love the pics from the used camera. They are AMAZING! Were there any more than those two shots?


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