14 Hours, 552 Miles, and 1 Photo

Julie West et Moi at Pink Ghost

So excited!! My friend Karlen and I trekked across the state yesterday to go to the Pink Ghost Julie West show and signing. Everyone was extremely nice and I bought lots of cute stuff. Julie was also nice enough to let me take this photo, and, inexplicably, I’m not blinking or anything! There are, perhaps, 4-5 artists I’d actually drive 9+ hours for so I was thrilled that there was a “local” show to go to.

The drive was … wow, long! 2 full tanks of gas, 14 hours out (9 of which were on the road), and 2 possibly non-alcoholic margaritas … and it was totally worth it! Plus I got to catch up Karlen (who took this photo) in a huge way … you know, because of the 9 hours in a car thing. Though I think I’m going to spend today standing to make up for the huge dose of sitting.

One thought on “14 Hours, 552 Miles, and 1 Photo

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