October 2009 Month End Report

Time for the October 2009 Month End Report!

Blythe Doll Soap Dish

  • Sell 20 Resin Pieces – 19 sold. I got soooo close this time! No complaints though, none at all, one shy is still awesome by me.
  • Reach 875 Sales Mark – This month I got to 868 sales (I’m not counting one because it hasn’t been paid for yet so it might be 869), which is awesome. Again it’s a little short of the goal but totally great nonetheless.
  • Restock Zombuki Square Necklaces – Fail! I keep waking up and saying I’m going to do this, then not doing it. I really need to get them done ASAP because of the holiday craft shows coming up; they’re usually my best sellers.
  • Finish/List Halloween Kokeshi – Yes! Donne was completed, listed, and sold this month.
  • Finish/List Halloween Tamo Pair – I finished and photographed the red/pink Tamo only to realize the white background bleached it out so much that the photos were utterly useless. I’ll be re-photographing it on another background very shortly, much to my irritation.
  • Final (3rd) Photos of Zombuki Caurina and Get Her Home – I mostly met this goal, the third photos are completed, but I’m waiting on the finally sub-payment before I ship her, so she should go out this month for sure.
  • Start and Finish Dia de los Muertos Zombuki – Yes! You all watched Dia come to life this month. I hope to get some really great photos of her too, she’s very special to me.
  • Finish and Photograph Cherry Blossom Dal – I finished her but need to photograph her still, being without a camera for 2 weeks really threw a monkey wrench in a lot of things I must confess.
  • Finish Hanging Art in New House – Sigh. It’s so depressing that these “home” ones never ever ever seem to get done. Luckily I’m getting some new framed things soon and I’m hoping that will motivate me to get all the art hung up. Here’s hoping!
  • Touch Up Paint in Bedroom – Still no, though I’m not sure why I’m so lazy, there’s something about actually getting the paint out, stirring it, pouring it, and not making a mess that just kills my momentum.
  • Totally Finish Unpacking Boxes, Seriously – NO. Fail. Epic fail! I did unpack two boxes if that means anything though it really shouldn’t. Happily Laina is coming to visit in November and I’m going to use that as a benchmark for serious and for really real unpacking. Wish me luck!

Well we’re in the home stretch for 2009, crazy isn’t it? Now is the time of year wherein I frantically prep for craft shows and the holidays and finals and, well, it should be an adventure!

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