Studio Portrait Saturday, November 14th Edition

Custom Kokeshi and Dunny

This week’s studio photos land today instead of yesterday, probably for no real reason, except I worked in the studio for a long time so the photos are definitely more interesting today then they would have been yesterday. Was that really redundant or is it just me? Anyhoo … I’m starting early prep for a Florida show in March that will range from Blythe to kokeshi and definitely include a lot of vinyl.

On the left is a completed kokeshi that I’m so silly over that I’m making it a sister, and Ms. Bunny Watkins, my first 3″ Dunny custom. A cookie to anyone who knows what that’s a reference to without use of Google. I still have a lot of finishing type stuff to do on her, but she’s 90% done.

Custom Kokeshi and Qee

Above, Miss Peaches up front is “done” though I might change her flower thing at the bottom, not 100% sure about the rhinestones there. In the background you will also see my first Qee in progress, it’s the devil bear baby one, I got it because it was the closest to a rat I could find!

Also here’s a random anecdote – I was walking today when I got distracted by these kids fishing with a net, it was really depressing to me (and lazy), when suddenly this dude power walked by me at top speed, and I looked up to realize I was totally eating the dust of some 70-something year old man. Take that, youngsters! … meaning me!

Brigitte out.

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