Call Me, Santino!

I don’t care how ashamed those models look, I miss Santino Rice! So I finished watching Project Runway Season 6 (which I think CH should have won) and all I’m left with is this feeling of nostalgia for the really unique talents like Santino whose designs are so crazy (good) that I’ll actually take the time to look them up on the internet regardless of how much time has passed. I don’t care how “unwearable” Santino’s lingerie is … I’d wear it! I’d wear it right now! Call me, Santino!

7 thoughts on “Call Me, Santino!

  1. Jasmine/Skada

    I 100% agree Carol Hannah should have won that. Don’t get me started. Most reality shows I’ve watched this season I’ve completely disagreed with who won. Like Dancing With The Stars last night, I’m sorry but Mya deserved that win over Doonie Osmond (even if I was voting for Kelly the whole time…) #Rant

  2. Maggi

    Yup, CH should’ve won PR and Laura should’ve won ANTM. Since when does walking like Frankenstein fall under “signature”? Every other season, girls have been dragged through the mud for crappy walks. As soon as Tyra said that, I knew they were going to pick Nicole. I think she had good pics but I think Laura is a much better spokesperson for Covergirl. Not that it matters, ever notice how they make such a big deal about ANTM and Covergirl but when it goes to a commercial break the Covergirl commercials are all done by famous actresses? Gimme a break.

    What were we talking about?

    Oh right, Santino was fun but he should have totally gone home for that lingerie I thought. lol I really wanted Santino to win the reunion special instead of Daniel who made the ugliest stuff. I just don’t get fashion I guess. lol

  3. Goomy

    The one on the right is so pretty! This was the only PR I watched, but I hardly remember anything. I do remember the ‘make it work! make it work!’ till this day.

    Oh, and ‘it’s a motherfucking walk-off!’ Oh, I miss watching PR.


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