November 2009 Month End Report

Well it’s that time again, time for the month end report featuring … November 2009!

  • Sell 20 Resin Pieces – 20! On the nose! So happy. I think this is the first time I’ve met this goal, if I remember correctly, so let’s bust out the streamers!!
  • Reach 950 Sales Mark – Got to 930 on Etsy (62 sales) which is no sum to sneeze at, so I’m happy!
  • Restock Zombuki Square Necklaces – Yes! I absolutely did, even if I didn’t post about it, and they’re all stocked up and ready to go to the Atomic Holiday Bazaar too. They were one of my best selling items there last year.
  • Photograph/List Pink Tamo – I photographed Mab but I was really unhappy with how the photos came out so I want to photograph her again before listing her.
  • Get Caurina Home – Just waiting on shipping and she’ll be ready to go home! Hopefully that will happen this month, I feel bad having her around the house for so long!
  • Get Idyll Home – Okay I failed there, boo! Need to get that done ASAP!
  • Photos of Zombuki Dia – Fail. How embarrassing, though she is dressed for her next shoot, if that means anything … probably not though.
  • Photos of Cherry Blossom Dal – Another fail, and that’s just no good, this one needs to move to the top of the list!
  • Make/List Winter Resin StuffTechnically yes! I made some winter stuff (though more is in progress) and made it available so I’m ticking this one off the list.
  • Finish Hanging Art – No but I have a good excuse! I’m waiting for a very large Julie West piece that the framer totally dropped the ball on and that’s a whole long story wherein I get indignant and huffy so we won’t go into that now.
  • Totally Finish Unpacking Boxes, Seriously! – YES! In. Your. Face. Boxes!! Though it’s not like everything is organized beautifully but at least the house doesn’t have those obvious “I just moved in” boxes sitting everywhere shaming me with their unrelenting boxy evil.

Okay so not too bad this month, eh? Clearly I need to get on the ball with Zombuki photos in a big way so here’s hoping I can make that happen, I’d love to have photos of Dia done this week if at all possible, wish me luck!

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