Studio Portrait Friday, December 4th Edition


This week, I must confess, is the randomest set of photos in a long time. I spit truths! First up is me showing off my new Miss Kika painting, swoon! I took something else down to hang it up so now there’s framed art propped against most of my bedroom furniture. Better get on that … I also posted a couple of sketches this week because, really, I never sketch anything except partial Zombuki faces anymore (and Sydney requested I post them). Trivia: This notebook is also my bedroom desk coaster so it’s saturated with coffee, yum!

More awesomely than my coaster story: I am working on a pair of Blythes for an upcoming show, they will be in the Zombukis in Wonderland series … yes, I am making Tweedledee and Tweedledum … but, you know, sweet monochromatic Lolita disco versions. I’m really excited about them, thinking of using non-stock bodies, need to look into the whole Pure Neemo switch, the girls need the extra fierceness …

I’ve also been working on more resin, including holiday stuff.

7 thoughts on “Studio Portrait Friday, December 4th Edition

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  2. sydney

    Ah, thanks darling. I’m going to be so happy seeing more sketches come up time and again.

    I’m so excited to see more progress on DeeDee and DumDum. They’re going to be absolutely fabulous!


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