New Valentine Resin Part 1

As promised the Valentine’s Day resin is marching into the shop with plenty of time for my International friends snag it. Today I posted two pieces from the promised set of four: My Dove Necklace and Sweet Love Necklace. They work for V’day, an indy wedding, or for donning by Sweet Lolita everywhere … or you can wear them whenev. You can see previews of the other pieces in the Etsy listings.

Actually I was thinking, as I was adding these to the store, that when people look at things like this next to, oh say, my Evil Eye Necklaces, it seems I have the craziest aesthetic range on the planet. However, it’s actually totally in line with my woefully under-declared mission statement: to make people-sized versions of jewelry that my Zombuki dolls would wear. Maybe the crazy makes more sense when I put it that way …

Incidentally I hope to have the Blythe Evil Eye necklaces up in the shop this week, muhahahaha!

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