January 2010 Month End Report

Well January 2010 is already over! Is it me or are you still like, “I need to make plans for New Year’s!” Seriously, it’s been a month already?!

  • Get Caurina Home – Yay! Shipped off safely and I received word that she arrived to her happy home in Norway. She was a really lovely girl so I’m just thrilled that she’s with her new family.
  • Get Idyll Home – This is literally happening tomorrow! Literally!! I swear!
  • Photos of Zombuki Dia x2 – Fail. This needs to get done ASAP, I partially blame myself and I partially blame Florida insane rash of horrible weather over the last month or so.
  • Photos of Cherry Blossom Dal – I got one set of photos that I love so I’m going to check this one off even though it’s technically plural …
  • Start Tweedledee and finish Tweedledum – Fail. I ended up making Maglio instead, truth be told, so now these two are on the dock for February.
  • Turn in MA Thesis Paperwork – Wow. I so need to get this done. I did find out that I have until Summer session to finish my thesis though so that’s good news if nothing else.
  • Send off Art-o-Mat Submission – Win! Not only did I submit it, but I was accepted! Now I’m just waiting for the blocks I ordered to arrive. I can’t wait to get started.
  • Finish prep for Super7 Pop Up Shop – Success! Plus the show was a lot of fun. Thank you again to everyone who came out!
  • Start work on swag bags for March show – Yes! Prep has been going strong for swag bags. I’m really excited about the new Zombuki goods that I have to roll out in February!

There you have it, folks! Not a horrid month but, in my personal life, I can assure you it was a chaotic one. It seems, happily, that things are starting to settle into their respective places and 2010 is looking like it might be a pretty darn nice year after all …

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