Studio Portrait Friday, February 5th Edition

Almost missed it this week! I’ve been working on a ton of stuff lately but I’ve been really lax about taking photos, partially because some of the things I’m working on are secret present type things … I did just get in my blocks from Art-o-Mat though and I’m super excited to get started on them! I’m planning on making working on them (collage) my evening meditation (which right now is … Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands). I am in the middle of spray painting them all white, as you can see here …

Speaking of, I’ve never used spray paint before and the can is too big for my tiny hands, so as I was coating all these white my fingers started to really hurt! Also, perhaps not amusingly, after I went to Lowe’s to buy the spray paint I got in my car to go home and the darn thing wouldn’t start. The bad part is that I had to get a new battery ($130 which was a rip off) the good thing is that I foolishly got it towed and there was a puppy inside the cab with the driver! She was soooo cute; really took the edge off my car troubles.

4 thoughts on “Studio Portrait Friday, February 5th Edition

    1. Brigitte Post author

      LOL! Totally! As far as times in life where I’ve had to get my car towed and repaired this is easily the most enjoyable, I really didn’t even mind in the end …


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