Resin Jewelry for the Birds

Mushroom Birds Resin Necklace
Today I decided to do a bird theme for the Etsy shop adds. First up is the Mushroom Birds Resin Necklace which is part of the Enchanted Animals series. I wanted to do a darker piece in the set and I like how the dark blue glitter ended up looking with the metallic pink and gold.

Resin Bird Charm

I also added a Flying Bird Resin Charm in yellow and blue green, one of my favorite color combination, as you know.

Update: Links removed because these pieces are no longer available. Thank you for your support! Visit them in the resin archive.

9 thoughts on “Resin Jewelry for the Birds

  1. austurias

    Busy, busy, busy bee….

    The new creations you have been working on simultaneously remind me of the sea, with the dark and light blue sparklyness, and the forest, with the traces of green and the birds.

    ….oh, and there are some mushrooms.


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