FriendsWithYou Giveaway

FWY Blackfoot Print

I’m thrilled to announce that, in celebration of their newly revamped website, FriendsWithYou has offered this amazing Limited Edition Blackfoot Silkscreen Print as a giveaway prize to one of my blog readers!

All you need to do to be entered to win is to leave a comment saying which is your favorite FriendsWithYou character and why?

For me it’s Buddy Chub because my Luckies Buddy Chub charm makes me smile every time I see it hanging off my phone.

Since this print will ship directly from FWY this giveaway will only be open to US Residents (sorry international pals). All of the entrants will also be signed up to receive the FWY email newsletter (like I already do) so you can get awesome FWY news as it breaks.

A winner will be drawn via random number on March 5th 2010 so remember to leave your comment by the 4th! Be sure to provide a valid email so I can get your mailing address, otherwise, how can you collect your prize?

Giant hugs to FriendsWithYou for sponsoring such an awesome giveaway!

Update: Congrats to the winning commenter, Rosston Meyer!

66 thoughts on “FriendsWithYou Giveaway

  1. Yaisha

    Does Frookie count? Frookie is from Kawaii Island, I like him because his ears remind me of my bunny (in the air with the ears out they are both like a bunny-copter XD) I’m never sure if he is a rabbit though or a dog like Cinnamoroll.

  2. Luis Colina

    My favorite FriendsWithYou character is Mr.TTT. I love the entire universe of FriendsWithYou, But Mr.TTT the shape-shifter is extremely special to me. I got the Mr.TTT Burger Bunch plush at the MAM(Miami Art Museum) gift store on a field trip to see Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller’s Killing Machine exhibit. I saw the plush on the shelf and was stunned at how amazing it was. I’ve never seen a plush toy come apart into three parts! It was my first designer toy, and was my introduction to the world of designer-art toys. I’m now a huge collector and fan of design and designer art-toys, and FriendsWithYou is responsible for it!

  3. Jennifer

    How fun! I’m new to this world, but I love Poppings…so cute, the heart eyes and all the awesomeness, I just feel like I couldn’t go wrong with Poppings.

  4. shuzluva

    AWESOME GIVEAWAY! Mr. Phantom X is my favorite, his stripes, his happy red mouth and his pink cheeks make me smile.

  5. smack6102

    Bumble grump because I would like to take cute adventures together. Who doesnt want the cuteness around with them?

  6. Caroline David

    my favorite character is buddy cub too!
    whenever I feel down or stressed I take a peak at him (sitting on my desk) and he reminds me that everythings going to be okay.

  7. Rosston Meyer

    My favorite FWY chracters are the white fuzzies from the Tickle PArty video, this video just makes me laugh. And the little guy poking the bigger one’s stomach at the end is pretty cool too. Best part is that you can see the wires, in alot of ways this is better and more interesting than the slickest motion graphics stuff they’ve done. I frequently post some FWY’s videos on my blog at


  8. leeannelias

    Mine will ALWAYS be Malfi, because I remember seeing the vinyl plushes in the store years ago and begging my mom to buy me one….it still has yet to happen. One day, I’ll make it my own!

  9. tk001

    mr. ttt! i gave my friends’ little girl a wish come true bb last year and it’s been on the shortlist of her favorites toys/characters since then. such a simple, appealing guy!

  10. ryan long

    Sweet Tooth of the Good Wood Gang is my favorite. Handpainted and almost 7 inches tall, with tell-tale Friends With You design elements…how can you go wrong? Still feel like this is just an absolute icon of my collection…..


    i loved friends with you for their childlike ways and ive been a fan ever since years back i have the munny from series 3 and its my fave im so happy i own a piece of FWY work and id love to own a real one . i dont like too many artists and this would be awesome to have

  12. Jackie

    hands down mr ttt.

    i’ve been obsessed with that little inbred twinkie since seeing the plushie version that quickly sold out. sad that i missed my chance i was all over the blind box toys and ended up with 5 of them! very excited to see the white version in the re-release. made my heart happy.

    mr ttt has it all: cuteness factor off the richter, smart plushie design (ring building on a soft core), and a great colour wave. love, love, hearts, hearts.

  13. Nick de V.

    Albino Squid! He’s such a jerk, but I love him. I have a hand-sewn original from Zakka in NYC, back when FWY had the laboratory theme on their website!

  14. matt

    i was always a bit partial to mr. ttt. the stackability aspect is pretty cool, especially the good wood gang “burger” version.

  15. (m)

    My favorite is Herbert because he is so cute and cuddly and he looks so mysterious in all white; he looks to have come from a magical, snowy, wonderland. I want to go where he goes. He is also a lesser known character, leaving him all to myself! :)

  16. Patty Castellanos

    My Favorite FWY character is Super Malfi !! He makes wishes come true !! Super Malfi’s multi colored happy polka-dots make me smile and feel all delicious inside. I can’t help but get in a good mood when I see my plush or plug in my USB drive. He makes my work day go by so happy. Super Malfi is just a good guy and does good things that make even the darkest things go bright…

  17. Die

    Hard to decide, but my favourite is Malfi because he reminds me of a zombie penguin and he drools. Makes me laugh. :]….drooool

  18. Rose

    My favorite Friends With You character is Shoebaca. Originally, I bought him as a present for my mother for Sweetest Day (my dad was working out of state at the time and I didn’t want her to feel lonely!), and she loved him. She is an elementary school counselor and I thought that Shoebaca could be used therapeutically, but when my mom realized that he had removable kidneys, she said she didn’t want to frighten or alarm the children. Plus, she thought he was so cute that she didn’t want him anywhere but in our home! He sat awkwardly on our living room coffee table for a little while until my mom decided to give Shoebaca a permanent home in my bedroom amongst my other plush and vinyl toys. Shoebaca is my favorite FWY character because the premise of removable kidneys allowing you to communicate telekinetically with an adorable, shaggy-furred, button-eyed little creature is just too quirky and endearing. I’d like to think that Shoebaca really does listen to his human companions and that he has special powers. :)

  19. Chris Lizarraga

    I love Malfi because he is classic cool. I admire how he isn’t afraid to show sadness or express himself in all his polka dot greatness. He is free to be himself.

  20. Beverly Wing

    Although I love all the friends, my absolute favorite is The Boy. One of my grandsons has always had that nickname. When I saw The Boy, I knew I had to get him for his namesake. Now the two “Boys” live happily in a rather messy bedroom, and are best friends forever!

  21. Doree

    If I have to choose just one favorite, which I personally think is a task worth rewarding with a beautiful print *hint hint*, it would be Malfi. he’s the first FWY charater I ever saw and fell in love on the spot. It was ComicCon, maybe 1994 or 95. His penguinesque stature captivated me while his washable exterior appealed to my ease of ownership rules. Now, thanks to the fine folks over at Infectious, he’s with me every day… on
    my iPhone. :0)

  22. Meylin Hernandez

    Malfi! He makes me happy and has so much character, he makes me laugh, he’s so cute. I love him so and he will be my favorite magical friend until the end of time. He is very special to me and on of my my most prized possessions!

  23. Snowflake07 (Audra)

    I’m a new fan & love the print. :-)

    …just forgot to say in my initial entry that Sweet Tooth is my favorite character. I think because I’m developing a sweet tooth myself. ~Thanks

  24. Lucylou

    I love muffin and his magic transforming powers. He brings me luck and reminds me that its not always cool trying to be something other than yourself xx

  25. Manon

    I love wormhole because he is the first thing I see in the morning! Makes the alarmclock less horrible.

  26. Clare

    The Boy is my choice; he reminds me oh so much of the Little Prince from the novel by antoine de saint-exupery. I’ve always loved that little prince, lost in space..

  27. barbara-ann

    Wow, what a GREAT giveaway! My all-time fave is Naked Malfil b/c of his high cuteness factor…he reminds me of a combo seal / vintage punch clown. And I LOVE pink!

  28. julissa ortiz

    im freshly new to friendswithyou. i’d have to say any and all characters are magical and inspiring. the music is definitely one if its kind and has its way to bring a happy feeling inside you. it’s genuinely pure. i love it.

  29. meagan

    i love my spotted SUPER MALFI! ^___^ he lives on my couch and makes my friends smile when they come over. they love to play with him. i rub his spotted belly for good luck before i leave for work each day, and he brings me happy success because i just got a promotion :) thanks malfi for making my life sparkle! <3

  30. Leandra

    Malfi is my favorite because he’s been a truly magical friend from the start! For the past few months, he’s even sat in the background of my computer screen welcoming me at the start of my cyber-spatial day! What a friend!

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