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Big Cartel vs Etsy vs Storenvy

Big Cartel vs Etsy vs Storenvy

I have, as of the moment of this writing, an inactive Big Cartel shop, an inactive Storenvy store, and one active (and one deactivated) Etsy shops. My first Etsy shop was started in 2006, my Big Cartel shop January 2010, and my Storenvy shop in June 2010. I feel like I know all these platforms well enough to be able to compare them thoughtfully; there are really benefits and drawbacks to all of them, so you should think of your needs and weigh them carefully when deciding where to set up shop. I’m coming at this from the perspective of both an artist and a crafter so I feel like I can gauge the needs of both fairly well. Also, of course, feel free to weigh in via comments and/or ask any questions you like.

If you are feeling impatient and need a snack-sized version of the voluminous text below here you are: crafts, vintage, and supplies belong on Etsy, higher-end art and design go on Big Cartel, and Storenvy can be used however you please. If you love details, like me, read on for a list of some major factors to keep in mind when choosing where to set up shop, and the reasoning behind them.

Updated July 2017: Etsy Payments section has been added under Costs and Fees.

Cost and Fees

Etsy has a pay-as-you-go system of $0.20 per listing and 3.5% of the sale price fee (with unlimited listings), whereas Big Cartel has a plan system with tiered pricing (free for 5 listings, $9.99 per month for 25 listings, $19.99 per month for 100 listings), and Storenvy is completely free. With Etsy you get everything up front while, with Big Cartel, you get more frills as you pay (better stat tracking, shop editing, etc), and Storenvy is free.

Listings on Etsy last 3 months, while listings on Big Cartel last for however long you keep up your monthly subscription to BC, and listings on Storenvy stay until you delete you shop. However, while you can tweak the css and html of your Big Cartel shop you can never, ever touch the layout of your Etsy shop or link to anything that isn’t an Etsy link. (Update: after posting this article you can now link Facebook and Twitter.)

Storenvy only had one basic template for years and now has another, equally basic one, but you can edit the html and css really heavily to completely customize it. Have a blog, mailing list, portfolio site? Etsy doesn’t give a fart in the wind about it. Also, for small items (less than $2) $0.20 is a nice chunk of money you have to add to your material cost. On Etsy I had to price my zines for more than I was comfortable with asking for them just to compensate for the one-two punch of Etsy and Paypal fees. For example: pay $3 for a zine and you know what my profit is? $1. To give you a practical example of fees, my average monthly Etsy bill for 2009 was $68 and I maintained a maximum of 250 listings; had I exclusively sold through Big Cartel last year and had the same amount of traffic I would have saved $580, no sum to sneeze at, but that brings us to … Storenvy, where my fee would have been $0.

Note: As of Summer 2017 Etsy has changed their fee structure. You are now required to give them your banking information and their “Etsy payment” system is automatically accepted. While that means you can still accept Paypal, I would say that maybe 1 of every 5 sales of mine has actually gone to Paypal, with all others going through Etsy payments. Etsy payments then deposits directly into your bank account on a schedule that you select (daily if you hit the minimum, weekly, or monthly). Your monthly Etsy payment comes out of this balance as well, I have yet to figure out how to pay it any other way since the Paypal option is grayed out. If you have no bank account you are no longer welcome to sell on Etsy. This is US only at the moment, but they are planning on rolling it out worldwide. I suspect this is because Paypal was getting so much money from Etsy transactions, and they wanted a piece of the pie, so they just took it off our plates. I haven’t had any issues with it as of January 2018, but it’s something to keep in mind.


On the community front Etsy beats out Big Cartel; BC promotes a tiny number of shops and really only really showcases the big names and best sellers. It keeps the image legit, which I respect, because Big Cartel is supposed to be “for artists” while Etsy is for “all things handmade” (different demographics).

Etsy promotes a limited number of their favorite sellers and you see the same people getting love over and love again, which has embittered a lot of Etsy sellers, but a larger number of people on the whole get a promo bump from Etsy. Etsy also takes out advertising in magazines, has a forum where sellers can embarrass themselves, and has a blog that posts a lot of very helpful business tips and craft news.

Etsy also has something Big Cartel sadly does not, a way to mark items as your favorites so you can come back for them at a later date. Storenvy has a kind of watered down community, where you can search it, but it’s not that great. They are working on it though and also have a favorites system, they also have categories you can put your listing into and browse though, but I’ve never used it. People can favorite your shop on Etsy and Storenvy, but there’s no way they can mark it on Big Cartel. This also relates to …


Since Etsy is more community-oriented (you search all of Etsy for items, for example) you get a lot of traffic from Etsy in general and Etsy is well-integrated with Google. You used to be featured momentarily on the Etsy front page when you listed a new items but now there’s a Pinterest-esque overhaul so that isn’t going to happen anymore.

Etsy also hosts member-curated Treasuries and pay-for-play Gift Guides, but they’re both useless traffic-wise (I’m being frank, they are, and I speak from experience). Big Cartel, on the other hand, is 100% bring-your-own traffic. Then again if you feel like you do BYO traffic then you certainly don’t need other people accidentally wandering off to the competition, now do you? Theoretically, you can get walk through traffic from Storenvy, but it doesn’t feel that way to me. That being said Jon Crawford (the Storenvy founder) tweeted me to inform me that 12% of sales on Storenvy are via through traffic, how about them apples? I have to say I do get regular shop favorites and occasional sales on Storenvy without promoting it at all, they surely deserve credit for those sales.

One thing worth noting: people search Etsy for items to use in their publications, since first writing this I had two magazine publications just from editors searching Etsy.


The way each shop looks from the inside is completely different. Etsy has a very detailed dashboard and a listing process. They recently updated it in a way I don’t like, where it’s all giant pictures, because everything had to be giant pictures. Where is my list? I know what my listings are, Etsy.

Big Cartel keeps it simple with a one page listing process (which I love), but loses out on some features. Storenvy has a detailed dash but can be overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of listings (scroll, scroll, scroll). Years later this is still an issue. The major downside to the BC setup is your sales/shipping systems. Etsy and Storenvy allow you to store shipping profiles (I use about 6 regularly) whereas BC allows you to store all of 1.

When items are sold Etsy puts them on a new page where you can check off if an item has been shipped, that way your customers can check up on their items on their own. With BC you get a link to the Paypal receipt and that’s it, and one of my major pet peeves is logging into Paypal more than once a day. Storenvy puts them on a new page, but the customers have no way of checking up on them. I have missed a few sales (ie: not noticed them) and gotten some very nice people very angry. It’s not 100% Storenvy’s fault, but they didn’t help.

Also, with Etsy there is a “conversation” system that’s basically an Etsy-hosted inbox where you can easily communicate with buyers and other sellers, with BC you need to send an email directly, and hope it doesn’t get caught by a spam filter. Storenvy gives your customers a contact form, so it’s kind of in between, but your customers don’t need to register for Storenvy to talk to you, unlike Etsy, which I like. You can customize the html of your Storenvy store, but the statement that they offer “complete” customization is a flagrant lie. If you actually know anything about css and html, toying around with their customization pages will let you know that your access is actually rather limited.


Big Cartel, Storenvy, and Etsy all have completely different tones; on Etsy you’re going to find a lot of … well, trash quite frankly, mixed in with the gems, and a lot of overpriced “vintage treasures” (barfing noise). However, Etsy is so well known that there is a high comfort level associated with them.

With Big Cartel you’re going to find exactly what you expected, the store you were linked to. Storenvy is in between, people can find competitors work if they look for it, but they probably won’t. For all the good it brings, on Etsy you will be always be mixed in with vintage, competitors, supply sellers, and Regretsy (now defunct) features, while on Big Cartel you are an island. Storenvy doesn’t attract enough attention for there to be a lot of junk on it, which is nice.

Big Cartel also understands that you sell things on not-BC at times, so you can easily mark something as “sold out” or “coming soon,” whereas on Etsy you have to deactivate/delete that listing and loose all the “favorites” on that item you worked so hard to get, along with your twenty cent listing fee, of course. You can’t can finally mark things as “sold out,” “on sale,” or “coming soon,” on Storenvy, and you can make listings ahead of time and save them, something Etsy really needs to have. With Etsy’s coupon feature, listings will be marked “on sale,” and it looks quite nice. There’s no way to manually activate the feature, though, you need to use their promotion menu to set it up.

You can also mark things as “on sale” on BC and offer discount codes; Etsy sellers have been screaming for discount codes for ages but no dice. Finally, Etsy offers discount codes, about time! Storenvy also allows for discount codes to be programmed in, which is nice.

The major difference in “tone” is also illustrated through the feedback system; Big Cartel and doesn’t have one. If you go to, let’s say, Urban Outfitters online, do you see a feedback rating? No, but that’s because UO is a legitimate store and you expect when you order something from them that it will arrive at your home. More and more large retailers are leaning toward feedback systems now, so this isn’t as much of an issue anymore.

Etsy has a feedback system like ebay (positive, neutral, which is seen as negative, and negative), broken into stars. I prefer a lack of feedback system because I’ve been around for years, if I sell something to you it will show up, but for new shops feedback might assuage the fears of concerned potentially customers. I’ve also had a few customers leave neutrals just because they got what they expected, no more, no less. Also, remember that a feedback system in no way protects buyers, Paypal does, and you use potentially Paypal to pay on all three sites.


In my opinion if you are selling supplies, crafts (be honest with yourself), or vintage you will find a happy home on Etsy, the traffic brought in by other shops and Etsy itself will ultimately benefit you if you have a nicely put together shop and a reasonable price point. If you are an artist and designer and do limited runs, one of a kind, or more unique items that generate traffic from your own fan base, Storenvy is probably where you will be happiest. Like BC, Storenvy now allows you to have a custom domain for $4.99 a month and has added something called “super discounts” for $2.99 a month which allows you to program buy-one-get-one free sales, which puts it apart from BC and Etsy. Though, finally, Etsy now allows you to change your username (which is also your store URL) one time.

Follow Up

Update History

  • 2010: After about 6 months I’m posting a follow up. I have added in Storenvy to the review, which I’m really impressed with, and I must confess that my sales were abysmal with Big Cartel so I’ve shut it down. It was 100% not worth the money for me. I’m keeping an Etsy shop just because of the opportunities that it lends (see magazine publications above), but if you aren’t just starting out, if you bring in your own traffic, no matter what you make/sell, I’m going to recommend Storenvy. It’s FREE for goodness sake, and the options blow the other places out of the water. The major downside is that the stats tracking seems really jacked up, but if you aren’t just starting out you probably don’t need to know accurate view counts on individual items. It’s also missing Etsy’s community and BC’s domain option, but those are minor problems. I’ve also been told Storenvy is working on more accurate stats and on domain mapping, which I’m super excited about. In the end you need to figure out what works best for you, and best of luck to you all.
  • 2012: Two years after the original post, I have added a few more updates just to keep in line with the progress of each of the store fronts. Thank you all for all your questions and comments!
  • 2015: I can’t believe it’s still helpful, thank you all for your support, I updated and tweaked the article again. You all rock for coming here, I hope it helped and was worth your time!
  • 2017: Seven years later thank you all for the love, I have just updated this post again.
  • 2018: Updated the post to reflect Etsy’s current payment and promotions systems.

Feel free to ask/leave questions/comments below!

Image found without credit online, please let me know if you know who to credit!

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  1. Jocelyn

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
    After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  2. cr

    Super great article! I’ve been reading different reviews contemplating between the three myself. Yours seems to be the only review I have found so far the compares just those three. By the way, do you know if any of them have “instant download” so that when a customer purchases an item they can download it directly… say for a digital download? Or is that something the store owner has to e-mail to the buyer directly?
    Thank you!

    1. Ms. Bee Post author

      If I remember correctly Big Cartel has a service you go through and it emails the items to them. I think Storenvy was working on something like this as well so I’ll have to check into it. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Holly

    Thank you so much for this! I just stumbled across this blog when I did a search. I’ve been with Art Fire (went with them when I didn’t like the nickel and dime fee system that Etsy had and also saw the reviews of favoritism), but it’s just not been that beneficial to me. I’m really losing money on there as it’s not as well known so the traffic isn’t that great. Example when I sell at conventions: ‘Do you have an Etsy?’, ‘No, but I am on Art Fire’, customer smiles and nods and takes a card, but has no idea what I’m talking about. You also have pretty much ZERO control over how it looks other than a banner and profile image. I want to brand my store a lot more than they allow. I’m in the process of getting my site rebuilt and we are now onto the shop portion so I’ve been trying to figure out what would be the best option. This article really helps me narrow it down. Thanks again!

    Btw, what have you heard about Shopify?

  4. tosid01

    I have read the whole article, I am a new photographer and wish to open an online shop, I looked into storenvy as an option as I prefer to start off fresh and cost free, until I can make money and purchase a bigger shop and space etc…I am a blogger at WordPress and stumbled upon you review, any thoughts, suggestions or advice? Storenvy looks to be my top choice at this time.
    Feel free to visit my blog to see the types of photos I would be selling, any feed back would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Ms. Bee Post author

      Thank you for your comment! I would go with Storenvy at this moment, I think they’re more flexible and are really investing in their community. Let me know what you decide and how you’re liking your new shop!

  5. Heidi Clark

    I have been WRACKING my brain and my eyes are crossed from staring at the computer so much lately trying to find a great “store” for my goodies…. this is an EXCELLENT review of the three different sites I was considering! One thing you didn’t cover was wether or not storenvy will connect to FB? I have a humble following on FB that keeps asking me “how to buy” my goods… and seriously with the “leave a comment below a pic” … MY ORDERS ARE ALL JUMBLED! Anyhoo – THANKS FOR THE GREAT REVIEW! If ya get a minute and you feel up to it, look us up: Recycled Denims – where we make new things out of old jeans. We placed 2nd place in a world wide cometitiion hosted by Gap and Ecouterre!

    1. Ms. Bee Post author

      Storenvy absolutely has a Facebook app! I love it. The app shows up as a tab for your store on your FB page. I highly recommend them, I’m a bit biased honestly!

  6. Andrea

    Wow! Awesome review! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I just recently learned of storenvy and am now more confused than ever about what is the best fit for me and my handbags;-) I have put lots of time into developing shops policies and learning all the ins and outs of Etsy so I guess that is what is making it tough to just up and abandon what I have done thus far (even though I had yet to list any items). Lots of think about. Thanks again this is such a clear and fair comparison!

    1. Ms. Bee Post author

      I totally understand, I hesitate about leaving/returning to Etsy all the time, but I just don’t believe in their policies. (They’re very comfortable with copyright infringement for example. Plus they mostly promote “Quit Your Day Job” about people whose husbands helped/”let” them work “full time” which supplying a second income which to me is NOT being financially independent. The list goes on …) I hope my article helped out! Thank you so much for commenting.

  7. kriture (@marciagaudencio)

    Great information there!
    I’ve been thinking on integrate a shop into my domain because I think I am losing sales because the registration need on Etsy just to shop.
    Storenvy seems nice, 4.99$/mo + 20$ once to import more than 20 items from etsy.
    A regular ecommerce system has no cost at all, but it works somewhat like a island…

    I make handmade designer toys, many OOAK, some are resin collectibles, some are plush and digital illustrations, at the time the slogan “sell handmade” was the trigger for me to sell there, but I never felt like my items fit in there.
    A quick search on storenvy shows me that there are similar items but they are already stablished as a popular products in the market, they are serialized and not handmade. I’m afraid that can be an issue for me.

    I’m not turning down my etsy store, at least for now, but what are your thoughts based on my items? Do you feel like the sales pays back the monthly fee on storenvy (I already pay hosting fees). Or maybe just a simple ecommerce system will be just enough?

    Keep up the nice work!

    1. Ms. Bee Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment! I’m about to pop out but I will give your shop/site a look over when I get back and leave you a longer comment. Just wanted to let you know I wasn’t forgetting you!

    2. Ms. Bee Post author

      Good morning! I looked over your site and shop, your Kritures are very neat and fun. I think they would work on Storenvy for sure. Do you have a lot of people saying that they aren’t sure where they can buy? Or a ton of hits on the site and few on Etsy stats? If that’s the case I would recommend having an e-commerce page right on the site. I think your designs are charming so I say stick with it until your find the perfect fit and best of luck! Hope this helps a bit!

  8. bewishful

    What a wonderful post :c) I have been wondering where to start selling and your blog was very helpful. I love the fact that you keep it up to date.

  9. Cody

    Have you tried Storenvy since they rebranded? Their site is entirely new now and sales have increased over 1000%! I have been on there since 2010 and am celebrating my third year April 10th!

    1. Ms. Bee Post author

      Indeed I have! I’m disappointed that there is still just the one shop template, but they’re still my favorite site of the three!

  10. spillthecandi

    Thank you! This is great! There are so many options out there which is brilliant but it’s just so hard to choose and your article has really helped, thank you!

  11. clabeaud

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been having some issues with Etsy lately and was looking into Storenvy to restart my shop. Hopefully storenvy helps me maintain my customer base from Etsy, because I had a huge following before Etsy kinda shut me down :0(.

  12. kirsten

    Thank you for such a detailed review! I haven’t managed to sell anything on Etsy and I’ve sold one thing on Folksy so was considering moving to Big Cartel. Might try Storenvy now though. The only place I’ve sold anything is redbubble and I get about 10% of the profits!

  13. Alicia

    This review was great! I have been toying with which site to use. I had a site on wasn’t getting any any traffic so I shut it down. I got more traffice from posting my items on instagram and facebook. I started an etsy page…I haven’t completed it because I’m still weighing my options. I came upon storenvy while purchasing supplies and the supplier uses it. I then came upon wix. They offer free webpages as well as a custom package (not sure of the cost). I like that storeny is free & unlimited where as etsy is community, not free but limited. Wix has nice layouts as well. Storenvy allows links to facebook, instagram & I think pinterest. I also rec’d shipping & tracking confirmation of my purchase as well. I think I’m leaning toward storenvy…at least to try it out. Thanks again for your reviews…they were VERY helpful!

    1. Ms. B Post author

      Thank you for your comment Alicia! I’m glad you found my review helpful. I haven’t heard of Wix before, I’ll have to look into it.

  14. Starr

    Great article! I’m currently using storenvy, instagram, & ebay to sell handmade high waisted shorts & new/gently used clothing I no longer have use for. I’m considering opening up an etsy, but the fees & not caring too much about copyright kind of scare me off. My best selling high waisted shorts so far are my lace bow shorts (someone offered to pay $50 for it on ebay just the other day!) and I wouldn’t want anyone to steal the design on etsy. My question is: do you think I should open up an etsy?

    1. Ms. B Post author

      Thank you for your comment Starr! It’s a bit tricky, because for fashion design, there are no copyright laws. Here is one article about it. Your photos are copyright though and Etsy will not protect you at all if someone else uses them, they honestly do not care, so watermarking is best. That way if someone steals them they will also be posting an advert for your shop. You will get good exposure on Etsy though, so since your items are not subject to copyright protection anyway, I wouldn’t worry too much about how they won’t protect you. Congrats on your business! I hope things continue to go well for you!

  15. Lauren

    What about shipping? I have stayed on etsy just for the ease of shipping – creating and printing 50 + labels at a time through etsy is so easy! Can you do that on big cartel or store envy? I bring my own fan base, so BC seems like the best for me – except I haven’t seen that I can print the shipping from the site. And going into PayPal to print one at a time does not sound enjoyable to me at all!

    1. Ms. B Post author

      Thank you for your comment Lauren. I’m not sure about that, I wrote the article about small, handmade, artist type businesses. If you are successful enough to need to print 50 labels at a time you should probably look into putting a shopping cart system onto your site.

      1. Lauren

        Oh I’m a very small business, I only list items once or twice a month. It’s small items – but they sell out real fast. So I make them all at the same time and then ship them all once completed. And then list more once sold. I dont really even make a profit, its more a hobby. It’s been so easy with etsys label printing though, so Ill probably stay there.

  16. Maria

    Thank you for this! I just opened an etsy store.. my mom makes hand made hair bows and I am helping her out. It’s our first time trying to sell online and I am looking into opening a storenvy. I just don’t know if we’re off to a good start or not.
    Can you please view our store and tell me what you think? :) I’d appreciate it

  17. Tiffany N.

    Thank you for writing this great read! I am looking into starting off with a Storenvy store rather than an Etsy or BC shop. I think that I`ll start off with Storenvy since it`ll be my first online store and I don`t know how I`ll do. If I don`t do very well, and I delete my store, I won`t have a profit loss, it being free without paying monthly for other additional features. Although, if my store sells well, I think I`ll look into making a BC shop or Etsy (:

    You have made so many different points while comparing all three websites which I like because it gives variety. Stating pros and cons for each instead of being biased to one (or two) is very much enjoyable and professional.

    I hope Etsy is benefiting you after all these years! (:

    – Tiffany.

    p.s., if I do go through with my store/shop, I`m thinking of selling handmade items such as fabric hair bows, crocheted items, etc. What do you think?

  18. Elaine

    Hello, I really enjoyed your article and found it very helpful. So, thank you!!

    I was running a successful etsy shop until recently when etsy shut down my store for no reason, and has not answered any of my emails about how to resolve it and reopen my shop. So I basically lost my entire business, hundreds of dollars in fees, all my customers and listings…. I know they do this to A LOT of people, so I just wanted sellers to beware. When you sell on etsy, you do NOT own your store or business. THEY do, and they can take it away at any given moment, for no reason and still charge you the fees.

    I was wondering if you have any updated info on the community features for Storenvy…? The ONLY reason I used etsy was for the amount of traffic that they have through the community, which did result in sales for me… Is Storenvy comparable? Which do you use?

    Thanks in advance!!

    1. Axel McCarthy

      Elaine, that sounds just awful. While you’re checking out StoreEnvy and BigCartel, I hope you’ll give IndieMade a look, too (full disclosure: I work there, and I love it).

      But I strongly recommend that you register your own custom URL, no matter what hosting platform you choose for it. If you control your domain, then you control your destiny — if you don’t care for the host that you’re on you can just switch over to another one. If you’re giving out your Etsy store URL to customers, what you’re really doing is giving your customer to Etsy! Give ’em your custom URL instead.

  19. Rex

    Thanks for all the info…very helpful. I’ve been primarily selling on eBay over the last few years. My business is estate and liquidation buyouts. Being that I come across a huge range of products-antiques, collectibles, electronics, industrial machinery, art work etc.-I’ve always felt that eBay was the best place for me to flip my products because of the diverse nature of the site. No matter what someones looking for, chances are it can be found on eBay. Of course, I certainly appreciate the major traffic eBay offers. That’s probably why I’ve put up with there ridiculous fees and buyer oriented requirements. Its interesting to read your info on Storenvy because I’m seriously considering developing my own store on the site. I wouldn’t completely leave eBay but I’d develop a store in the hopes of selling items as well as creating a brand. I really like Storenvy’s use of social media as a means for creating traffic. Ebay offers the option to use SM but I don’t think people see it that way. What concerns me about Storenvy is that I don’t think they offer all the types of categories for listings that I would need. For example, I see other stores selling antiques, vintage toys etc but Storenvy doesn’t offer categories for these items and many more. The categories available are simply to broad. Hopefully that’s something that will change soon. Looking forward to hearing more of your input.

  20. Chriss

    This is very helpful, but you should probably update the part where you say that storenvy doesn’t let you mark things as sold out, on sale, or coming soon, as it actually does allow you to mark all of those things. I’m not sure when you last updated, but I’ve been using storenvy since early 2013 and those features have been in place as long as I’ve been using it. It might also be helpful to mention tagging options for each site. Storenvy’s seem pretty decent (except that I wish they were counted by number of words rather than characters, as adding my own brands to the tags takes up quite a bit of space for only a couple words), but I’m not sure what those options are for either etsy or bc, or if tagging things really has an impact on bringing new traffic to your shop.

  21. Cabin Blanket

    I just like the helpful information you provide in your
    articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and test once more right here frequently.
    I’m relatively sure I will be told plenty of new stuff right right here!
    Best of luck for the next!

  22. Belinda

    Thank you so much for your reviews of etsy, bc, and shopenvy. I have been selling on etsy for a few years but am getting frustrated because there are now so many “hobbyist” that give away their product that I can’t price and make a profit. I was just told about shopenvy but unsure whether to make the leap. I have my own url but don’t use on etsy. It’s difficult to generate traffic to your website and was looking forward to promoting with customers from etsy. It have finally sunk into my brain that I’m not promoting for my website but etsy’s. Your review has been very insightful.

  23. Enyka

    Thanks for this!

    Just a note on Storenvy: You can mark things as “on sale” and “preorder” (it automatically marks itself “sold out” when you have zero in stock, but I don’t think that fits with what you were saying).

  24. kimberly

    Thank you so much for this. I have an etsy store I may have to add to it again. Hated the fees and having to charge so much. I have been selling only on Facebook in groups for now. I just opened a store envy and want to know how to get my own traffic to the site. Do ad words do that for you? I thought that it was integrated with Google so that your tag words brought traffic?

  25. L.K.W

    Thanks for your review!!!! :-) I tried Etsy in 2010 when I was doing “handmade crafts” and it just wasn’t worth it for me (I was 18 and knew nothing about marketing etc) so ended up closing my shop, but I still purchase from it, actually waiting on an order from there now lol I joined Storenvy in Nov 2012 and it’s been pretty good, it’s 100% free and I do pay 2.99/mo for super discounts. I do wish they’d add the abandoned cart option to remind customers they left merchandise in their cart.. I think volusion and big commerce offers that. From reading your review, I think I’ll stick with Storenvy for my 2nd store I am opening :-)

  26. Anne

    This article was just what I needed today — Now I have options to research some of which I had never heard of. Thanks to everyone who offers info on their own experiences.

  27. Toni Warren

    Wow! I am starting a new online shop and this article has helped me tremendously. Thank you for sharing your experiences. BC was suggested to me, which I think is perfect for my shop but the $20 commitment made me a little apprehensive. Good to know there’s a site like Storeenvy to help me get started!

  28. Ashleigh

    This is great :) I think I actually stumbled upon it once before but it’s nice rereading it now that I’m actually trying to develop my platform once again. I’ve finally begun again on storenvy, and hopefully I can be successful enough this summer to expand my circle and make a few sales.

  29. Swamp Attack Hack

    Wow that was odd. I just wrote an really long comment but
    after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr…

    well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to
    say fantastic blog!

  30. Molly

    I am so late to the party, but I just wanted to chime in – I’m using storenvy instead of etsy. The prospect of having to pay for those listings makes me crazy. My new shop is a fledgling but the only beef I’ve had with them is an issue with default shipping profiles (and the inability to see which items are in each shipping profile). It’s been easy to market, caught marketplace sales, etc. I wish there was a feedback section though, I feel like the only thing it’s missing is a rating scale.

  31. Dee G.

    I’ve also been doing research for suitable platforms for my jewellery pieces. Having multiple platforms seems to be the overriding advice for the independent maker/artist. And also your own website/blog to anchor your brand to one place. Thanks so much for this!

    I’ve decided to start with storenvy, while at the same time starting up a blog and networking on pinterest/facebook/wanelo etc. Etsy will come a bit later when I get the hang of things at storenvy.

  32. Axel McCarthy

    Dee you should consider putting your store on the same platform as your website and blog, on a platform that offers integration with the social networking. That way you don’t spread your efforts out too thin; you can just send everyone to your website, and the search engines point there too. You get a virtuous circle effect.

  33. natasham67

    ❤️ I am even LATER to the party! Brigitte, thank you SO much for this article! I was overwhelmed with vague info for online shops. I appreciate the breakdown about “crafts” and such on Etsy, and other items on the other sites. I will check out the other platform that Axel mentioned as well and make a decision soon! Best wishes on your shops!

    1. Ms. B Post author

      As a new shop owner I would start somewhere that would drive traffic to you, I haven’t tried Shopify, but Storenvy for me never brought in too much traffic. I hope this was helpful and good luck with your shop!

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