Blythe DumDum “Finished”

Zombuki DumDum in the Studio

Zombuki Blythe Tweedledum aka DumDum is “finished.” In quotes because, well, she isn’t finished finished, but finished enough to show you. I love the Obitsu body but they just cannot support the weight of that colossal noggin, so the “final” versions of the girls are going to have to go on the standard Blythe body, a pity.

Zombuki DumDum

I love the juxtaposition between the elaborate rococo and the extreme minimalism so much that I think I’m going to have to do a nude shoot with the pair – a rarity for me. I was considering displaying them at Super7 in the semi-buff but I think it would cause a scandal (no, it wouldn’t), plus (the deciding factor) the standard Blythe body just isn’t pretty enough for the task. Luckily I have some really neat outfits planned for the pair – expect to see photos of DeeDee tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Blythe DumDum “Finished”

  1. Wardah

    What about a Pullip body? They are more poseable than Blythe’s standard body and I’m sure you have some floating around.


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