Kokeshi: The Luxe Family

Kokeshi 33-35 the Luxe Family

It may be too late for be to do something special for this year’s Hinamatsuri, but mark my words, I will do something redonk for it in 2011. Regardless, I figured I might as well use the doll festival as an excuse to post some preview pictures for the Super7 show, which opens this Saturday.

Kokeshi 33-35 are The Luxe Family, comprised of Hayes (lg), Case (med), and Nell (sm). Named after friends, I made the set after a sort of Rococo/Steampunk feel. Of course, since it’s me, I mean a total hybrid of Rococo and Steampunk, as if each aesthetic never existed separately, because that’s how my brain works.

All three will be available for adoption through Super7 Florida on the night of the opening (Saturday) and in their online shop thereafter.

Update! Remaining kokeshi are up in the Etsy shop (update again: no longer available).

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