Project Runway Season 7 Episode 7

Project Runway Season 7 Episode 6   Project Runway Season 7 Episode 6

When the new episode was previewed two weeks ago I was giddy, I was all, “Hardware store? Yes!” There was such high potential for something really amazing and equally high potential for crash/burn … good times were inevitable. I was hoping, hard, for some amazing steampunk stuff, but instead we got copious amounts of Retro-futurism. So be it. Regardless, Jay’s look, I swoon! His outfit was amazing and utterly awesome, everything about it was great (especially the color choice), plus we’ve seen trash bags on the runway before and this look, I feel, has set the new standard. Amy’s look was great from the waist up, super architectural, interesting, I would love to see it in other colors and made with proper materials. Kind of reminds me of Art Deco in a way. Regardless, she’s becoming one of my favorites, espesh after she was unjustly critiqued last time. Jay’s accessory was also slammin’ … just saying.

Project Runway Season 7 Episode 6

As Florida natives, the girls and I root for “Tampa” (Ben*) over “Orlando” (Jesse) because Orlando is just so Orlando, but I must say this – Orlando did not deserve to go home when Emilio sent freaking Barbarella 2010 down the runway. Seriously Emilio, after the first few episodes I thought you had it in the bag … what happened? I think Holly needs to break up with you, because every week there’s some crazy snafu that revolves around her hilarious tallness … it shouldn’t be a surprise anymore. Was there an accessory? Was the bikini an accessory? I hope you recover, theoretical Emilio that I’m directing this toward for some reason, but if this didn’t get you thrown off all I can say is, I’ll see you at Bryant Park.

* Also, Ben is cuter … sorry Orlando … but I want to get a coffee with Ben.

7 thoughts on “Project Runway Season 7 Episode 7

  1. Maggi

    Here’s my question: How did the judges not slam Emilio further for not making an accessory? (Did I miss it?) Wasn’t that part of the challenge? Instant bye bye in my mind.

    I find it so funny to hear certain designers complain when they have to use freaky stuff or normal women to make clothes. They get all snotty about it like when Top Chef has to use canned food. lol

    Also, is it sad that whenever I see Emilio all I can hear is Night at the Roxbury “Emilioooooooooooo!” :P

    1. Brigitte Post author

      That’s what I’m screaming! They didn’t comment on it at all, was there an accessory? Did I miss it somehow? If he won’t go home for this he won’t go home for anything, in my opinion. He’s bulletproof now.

  2. esmereldes

    oh wow, you guys are right! There’s no accessory! I actually didn’t even think about that, I was too busy being amazed they let him thru with something so terrible. Maybe we were supposed to consider it as a series of accessories strung together? :P

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