Kokeshi, The Bee Family

36 Honey Bee

The Kokeshi page has been updated to include #36-38 The Bee Family. Honey (top), Worker (bottom), and Baby (below) were made for the March 2010 Super7 Florida show. Baby Bee is currently available for adoption in my Etsy shop; Worker and Honey have been adopted.

38 Baby Bee

The Bee Family was actually the first kokeshi family that I started for the show, but I was really disappointed how the first few came out and ended up starting over. I’ve always had a particular love of bees (my nickname is Bee) and I love the strong contrast between the black and yellow. This set also features my very first tiny kokeshi (Baby Bee); the Lunar New Year Kokeshi premiered first but Baby was finished before them.

37 Worker Bee

Clicking on the thumbnails will open each photo in its own page where you can view it larger, leave comments, and/or keep browsing through the series.

4 thoughts on “Kokeshi, The Bee Family

  1. Amarettogirl

    Wonderful – especially because these Kokeshi are more creative and stylish than all the others emerging on Etsy right now!

    I have followed you for a while (from the Zombuki site – bought he book) and I just wanted to share with you that I’m doing a Big giveaway that you might actually dig:

    My blog

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Awesome, thank you! :3 I’ll go check it out now!

      I wonder how many Etsy kokeshi are being made from my blanks … that would make me so happy! :D


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