ANTM Cycle 14 Episode 1

ANTM Naduah   ANTM Gabrielle

Well I finally waded through the excess that is the premier episode of any season of America’s Next Top Model and emerged without a legit photo shoot, der! Still, Tyra took an hour* of my life away and I cannot get it back, so it’s time to make the best of it. This cycle has some interesting girls (with the exception of Nida, who I feel went home prematurely) so there might be some good photos after all.

My early favorites are above, Naduah (left) and Gabrielle (right). Scary personal stories and attitudes aside, I’m liking these two the best at the moment. I think that’s the one major downside to ANTM, a lot of drama-fueled filler that, after 13 seasons, is just getting hard to watch. Already I’m waiting for Angelea to be sent home because I know that, until she is, I’m going to have to listen to her screaming at someone as she gracelessly squanders her second chance to be on the show. Sigh!

ANTM Ren   ANTM Brenda

Ren (left) is also one to watch, though this photo worries me a bit, she’s much more interesting to look at on moving film (at least thus far) and we all know that sometimes people just don’t translate. Brenda (right) also caught my eye post-makeover, which she benefited hugely from (imho), unlike Raina, who went from Denise Richards (with Audrey Hepburn eyebrows) to the eternally unpleasant Cycle 9 Heather in one trip to the salon. Two thumbs down to that Tyover.

Looks like they’re getting the nude shoot out of the way early so here’s looking forward to some fabulously awkward poses/cropping for Episode 2. See you then!

* The “90 minute” special was actually only an hour long, ah yes, 30 minutes of advertisements for those who watched it on TV, 12 advertisements for the same two products on repeat for us online viewers. Classy.

5 thoughts on “ANTM Cycle 14 Episode 1

  1. Maggi

    I agree on your faves although I was a little disappointed in Brenda’s new do. I tell you what, their first episode gimmicks are getting out of control. or whatever it was? How can the Jays stand the cheese?! Oh the humanity!!!!

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