Project Runway Season 7 Episode 8

Project Runway Season 7 Ep 8   Project Runway Season 7 Ep 8

Let’s just call this episode The Parade of Neutrals episode. Seriously y’all, a little color wouldn’t kill you. Say what you will, Seth Aaron ftw! Even though it was all black, it was still freaking amazing, per usual. I love that he’s pretty unflappable at this point, able to maintain his design aesthetic while most of the other designers are starting to question slash “push” themselves in uncomfortable directions. I don’t want to get too excited but I seriously want to see this guy’s Bryant Park collection.

Maya‘s piece was a “meh” for me, which is a word that I think translates into body language as a shoulder shrug. The dress was pretty but not memorable and the accusation of her work being derivative is a dangerous one; the color choice was nice though, indicative of water without being trite, and the piece did have excellent movement. All that being said, I still liked Maya’s piece better than the winning design.

Project Runway Season 7 Ep 8   Project Runway Season 7 Ep 8

Which bring us to Jonathan‘s piece, which was the winning look this week, and I have to say this just isn’t resonating with me, no matter how entertaining the assertion that she’s “enveloped in laughter” continues to be. It was super detailed, thoughtful, and I want to like it, but I just don’t for some reason.

Amy. Girl girl girlgirlgirl! What are you doing to us?! I love this lady and I feel like she’s having a silent meltdown before our very eyes! If Chris March taught us anything it’s that the judges hate hair. They hate it. Hate it. Though we did get this priceless Heidi quote for her pains: “It looks like a cat in a baby sling,” ahh, that’s the stuff. God grant me the opportunity to accuse something of looking like a cat in a baby sling … and soon! Oh, and did you notice she kept calling it a dress when it was on the runway? In what world is this a dress? Bizarro World?

On the whole a very sad week for our beloved Project, n’est-ce pas? Let’s look forward to next week wherein the judges torture them via team challenge and everyone ends up miserable. Whoo?

2 thoughts on “Project Runway Season 7 Episode 8

  1. Maggi

    Yeah, I’m with Seth Aaron for taking the whole thing! I was confused by Maya saying “I was inspired by Veronica Lake” and that somehow being turned into “You’re copying other people!” Did I miss something?

    The winning design was a bore for me. I bet that if he had made that dress and it was on a different model, no way it would have won. The model was what won it for him IMHO. Which I guess worked since he said he colored it that way to compliment her. lol It should have been Seth Aaron I thought. And I agree, they desperately need some color up in here.

    That bowl of hair was so horrid. lol I think Nina looks so done with the whole thing. Her patience seems quite thin this season.


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