Project Runway Season 7 Episode 10

Project Runway Season 7 Episode 10   Project Runway Season 7 Episode 10

Ah … so Episode 10 of Project Runway finds the designers being forced to make freakishly ugly fabric for a shameless HP product placement spot, so good! Thanks HP! Now I know that I too can make horrendously ugly things even if I might be otherwise talented. Seriously, nearly everyone should have been ashamed of themselves, regardless of what the judges thought.

Once again Seth Aaron (left) and Emilio (right) were the top two, and rightly so, I think. Seth Aaron’s pattern was used well, there were touches of color, it was really interesting, and it was distinctly him. Emilio, on the other hand, just won’t stop rubbing me the wrong way (bad editing?), so when Tim Gunn said his fabric looked like it read “SA [Seth Aaron] ES [Emilio Sosa] <3” I was overjoyed! Then Emilio got to have a tantrum and explain it over and over again and it was beautiful. I mean the heart really shouldn’t have been white, first off, but it’s a very nice dress, and I’m forced to grudgingly admit that the print looks good from a distance … I just can’t cheer for him even though I think it’s a given he’ll be in Fashion Week at this point.

Project Runway Season 7 Episode 10   Project Runway Season 7 Episode 10

Next up, vampires! As far as I’m concerned Maya and Jay both did takes on the vampire and we ended up with … well all this. I feel like Maya did vampire a la one of those trashy rave scenes in Blade (or was it Blade II?) while Jay did a vampire take on Tron. Neither outfit is bad (I liked Jay’s more though the judges didn’t agree) it’s just that both have freakish collars and a combo of black and a bizarre color. As an aside I don’t know if Jay will make it to Bryant Park, but I hope he does.

Project Runway Season 7 Episode 10   Project Runway Season 7 Episode 10

Mila, oh Mila … way to dodge a bullet. This dress was just bad, in my opinion, and Brandise couldn’t hardly walk in it. I’m just not interested in seeing her take on things anymore, though I think it’s the first time two so similar looking contestants made it so far in perhaps any reality TV series (with the exception of those twins that were on ANTM that one season). Mila, aka Bangs Senior, needs to go. Anthony, meanwhile, got sent home for making a dress that made this girl look like a dude. Of course I’ll miss Anthony’s personality terribly, he was one of the most entertaining people to watch in this otherwise humor-lacking season.

Project Runway Season 7 Episode 10   Project Runway Season 7 Episode 10

Poor Jonathan! Disco Straightjacket indeed!! After that though, the judges tore into him more than was even close to warranted. The jacket was ill-advised but, for me, he had the best print, and his dress was adorable (kick pleat aside). Watching him weakly defend himself was a little sad, he should have gone Santio on that ish!, but he lived to see another week and, hopefully, won’t put something pale on something pale in Episode 11, because, in the end, I have a fondness for him.

Before we go can we just take a moment to talk about Heidi‘s bizarre choice of necklace? I mean yes, she’s Heidi, and yes, she looks great in everything … but I couldn’t stop staring at what appears to be six hilariously large links of chain strung together. Wasn’t that heavy? Hopefully they’re plastic and not some refuse that her stylist decided to punk her with because otherwise that’s just too confusing for my brain to be able to process …

Soooo we’re down to the wire! Any thoughts on who’s going to Fashion Week?

8 thoughts on “Project Runway Season 7 Episode 10

  1. ri

    Seth Aaron is my favorite. Other than the fiasco making the pair signature look/look for less thing with Anthony early on, I’ve loved everything he’s put out there. While Mila irritates me to no end with her use of black & white that cripples her use of everything else, he always makes his reliance on black work with a smart use of color. He seems to have a lot of skill as far as construction, and he puts out more than a dress. With some reluctance, I caved to Emilio’s design. I didn’t like his fabric to begin with, but it seemed a lot better once constructed into a dress. I didn’t think Johnathon’s was as terrible as they were making it out to be, the strange jacket didn’t even bother me *that* much. I thought his “dirty tablecloth” was pretty.

  2. Maggi

    No no no no! Mila should have been sent home. Done and done! ARGH! I’m with you, Emilio is getting on my last nerve, I was really hoping he wouldn’t win the challenge. *sigh*

    My Bryant Park guess: Seth Aaron (FTW!), Emilio (bluck) and Jay. I think it’s going to be the season for the men.

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Yeah I think it will probably be those three, I wish the ladies were bringing it stronger this season but what can be done? Seth Aaron FTW indeed!! :D

  3. Catcraig

    Mila def. should have gone home. That dress was terrible, unflattering an— screw it, it was f*cking ugly. I’m tired of seeing her work.

    I also thought the dirty tablecloth fabric was pretty….

  4. sydney

    I have two fundamental questions for this episode:

    1. Why the F#$* wasn’t Seth Aaron’s the winning design?
    2. Why the F#$* wasn’t Mila sent home?

    While this isn’t a fundamental question, it should be asked of the producers: Why the hell are you making Emilio out to be a total jackass? I know a lot of “personality” is due to editing, but srsly, you could make him a teeny tiny bit likeable if you are putting him in the top three. Which, clearly you are.

    I hate to disagree with the majority here, but I didn’t like Jonathan’s fabric. Perhaps it’s because Passover is upon us and the amount of spilled red wine is just overwhelming…but I got dirty tablecloth too. Disco straightjacket, indeed.

    Bravo on another fabulous, insightful review.

    1. Brigitte Post author

      1. True!
      2. Facts!!

      I went through the nightmare of Lifetime’s site and read Tim Gunn’s blog and Tim does not seem to like Emilio one little bit, so maybe the producers can’t make him more likable. All I know is if you don’t respect the Gunn I cannot support you! lol

      I mean, I feel like Jonathan’s was the best of the worst, for really reals. I mean, they were all so god freaking awful that was all we had to cling to, I’m sure if anything actually good was produced we would be saying something else. Oh, “It’s a famine of beauty!” lol


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