Studio Portrait Friday, March 26th Edition

Jem Zombuki In Progress

As mentioned in my monthly goals, a Jem Zombuki is in the works! She was started this week and I’m really happy with how she’s progressing. Her wig is a super spiky pink/red mix, a custom order from Kstarr many moons ago, before they shut down, so it’s totally one of a kind (which is always exciting to me). I’m trying to pick a suitably 80s Jem-tastic name for her, maybe Pistil or Noise … feel free to post suggestions!

Jem Zombuki In Progress

Jem is truly outrageous,
Truly, truly, truly outrageous,
Woah oh oh Jem,
Jem! The music’s contagious, outrageous,
Jem is my name!
No one else is the same!
Jem is my name! JEM!

Now are you inspired?

13 thoughts on “Studio Portrait Friday, March 26th Edition

  1. Maggi

    Don’t forget:

    We are The Misfits
    Our songs are better!
    We are The Misfits
    And we’re gonna get her!


    She looks to rad so far! I’ll have to think of some names!

  2. Wardah

    Did you see what happened to Valley of the Dolls? They stopped carrying Pullips and Celaeno’s and Valley’s pages are gone. I wonder what happened to them.

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Well all of the Zombuki pages are gone :3 not just those two! Scot decided to stop carrying the Jun Planning/Groove Inc. line which is really a shame, he was my favorite person to buy from.

      1. Wardah

        But what happened to the dolls? It says on Celaeno’s page on your Zombuki site that she was still available and since they had shut down their physical store location Valley is no longer on display. It just seems like a shame two dolls you worked so hard on seem to have just disappeared into the ether.

        1. Brigitte Post author

          Oh! No Celaeno found a home about a year ago, I must have not updated her page. I have no definite on Valley but she was in Scot’s private collection so hopefully he still has her!

  3. Wendy

    YAAAY!!! Soo pretty! I absolutely ADORE her lips!!! I wonder why VOTD decided to stop carrying Pullips…that’s sad…=/

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Thank you! :D I believe that they weren’t performing that well sales-wise but that just seems to crazy to me. I wish Scot would change his mind, he’s was my go-to dolly guy!

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