Zombuki Blythe DeeDee Rococo

The Blythe twins, Tweedledee (aka DeeDee) and Tweedledum (aka DumDum) are back home and available for adoption though yours truly. Above is DeeDee’s Rococo shoot which shows her with everything she comes with …

  • Cheshire Cat, handmade by violetpi
  • Princess a la Mode cage skirt with added birds
  • Pink ruffle skirt with antique Swarovski rhinestones, handmade by me
  • Pink Alice shirt, Fairies of Darkness Collection
  • Hot pink Momoko booties
  • Light pink sweet heart necklace, handmade by me
  • Faux fur wrap
  • Hair accessories and ribbon

She has four pairs of eye chips and her faceup has been sealed; her face type is RBL. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

PS: Photos of DumDum will be up tomorrow!

Update: She has been adopted!

4 thoughts on “Zombuki Blythe DeeDee Rococo

  1. this is one of my favorites! really beautiful. she’s got amazing fashion sense and the hair i’ve always wanted.

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