March 2010 Month End Report

  • Get Vinca Home – Win! Vinca is safely home. I’m very happy about that since I worry I take way too long to get girl’s home. I also attempted to turn over a new leaf by getting Maglio home ahead of schedule, so yay for that.
  • Publish 2nd Photos of DeeDee and DumDum – Check! The Rococo shoots for DeeDee and DumDum were put up on the site last week, though honestly I wasn’t 100% happy with the photos. Luckily I get the chance to take more with them.
  • Catch Up on Accounting – Yes! I did this yesterday (so technically in April, but whatever). Six weeks of accounting in roughly four hours, I’m really proud of myself for not only getting it done, but for streamlining my spreadsheets.
  • Finish/File 2009 Taxes – Another win! I’m so happy I finally got these out of the way and now it’s just fingers crossed that I didn’t do anything wrong, send to little, or send too much in.
  • Release Four New Kokeshi – Check! Mist, Hunter, Peaches, and (my baby) the Killbot 10,000 were all released in the last week of the month.
  • Set Up Zombuki Gallery Here – Fail. This will need to happen ASAP though. I want everything to be in one place but I’m in such an agony over exactly how I want things to look that I’m unable to think about it properly for some reason. Sigh!
  • Start Collages for Art-o-Mat – Another check! I started four and finished one, I need to get more focused on this even if it is a pet project.
  • Start Jem Girl Zombuki Pullip – Indeed I did! More photos of the newest Zombuki, aka Pistil, will be up soon too.
  • Finish Super7 Group Show Kokeshi – As you can see Spumoni Monster is finished! I just need to photograph the darling and then he’ll be off to Super7 Florida to play with all the other monsters.
  • Finish (at Least) 1 Piece for Pink Ghost Group Show – Fail … sort of. I’m simultaneously working on three pieces for the show and they’re all coming along nicely so hopefully this one will get checked off really soon.

Without going into too many details, March was an utterly chaotic month for me in my personal life so, taking that into account, I’m pretty impressed that I managed to get so much done instead of oh, say, sleeping the entire time.

2 thoughts on “March 2010 Month End Report

  1. ilana

    Way to go on reaching the majority of your goals! I hope everything is ok-chaotic personal lives can really screw with your head. Sometimes it’s best to occupy your mind with projects :)

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Thanks! I’m plugging along :3 In a way it’s nice to have the distractions and be able to feel like I’m in control of something semi-tangible (ie my taxes or how messy the house is, etc). I hope you’re doing well, we miss you!!


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