Studio Portrait Friday, April 2nd Edition


I don’t think there’s ever been a point where I’ve been working on so many different pieces simultaneously. It’s actually great because I tend to not be able to focus on any one thing for too too long. Above you can see a second piece that I’m going to try to get ready in time for the Super7 Florida “Monsters in the Mangroves” show, a Kaniza Sea Star encrusted with freaking awesome rhinestones. As hard as that was to execute (without it looking like a sloppy mess) I’m now just praying I don’t beef the rest of the piece, lol! On the other side you can see my hand that I’ve been using as a palette lately. It’s the only way I can keep dust out of my paint (for some reason)!

You can also see a sneak preview of my first Blind Box Kokeshi Series, which I’m stupid with excitement over. They will probably be released early next week some time. I can’t wait! They’ve made me smile for the entire time I’ve worked on them so, on top of everything else, each one is packed to the brim with joi de vivre!

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