Hello Easter 2010

Happy Easter everyone! Easter is, sadly, a holiday that I don’t celebrate anymore, though it was an absolutely a favorite as a kid. I still remember going to my Grandma’s house (because even though Grandpa was there too Grandma was the clear favorite), wearing a sundress that I had no interest in wearing, and running around in their back yard looking for plastic eggs. The joy of ones with quarters and the disappointment of ones fill with pennies, the bunny shaped piggy bank in their tree that I had no way of reaching, and my plastic sun hat … not to mention the copious amounts of candy, of course. It was like a second Halloween to take the edge of the real one being so far away, ah, memories!

The photo above, and if you’re a veteran of the blog you know this, is my annual Easter photo. I post it every year and every year it makes me smile. (Though one year that was that creepy Animal Crossing bonus post.) So until next year … Happy Easter everyone!

2 thoughts on “Hello Easter 2010

  1. Mewski

    We got one of those for a friend of ours who loves Hello Kitty. She said it’s a bit like eating her brain XD


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