Project Runway Season 7 Episode 12


I think I’m going to call this episode, “You Forget Yourself, Sir!” because the show seems to have forgotten two things, 1) that “no woman” wants to look larger in the hips and 2) Amy’s clown-esque pants were deemed a no-no. Suddenly they’re doing a circus challenge (which I couldn’t have been more excited about, frankly) and Emilio wins with a dress that’s enormous in the hips! Alright so, that being said, I really did love this dress and it really did deserve to win (for the bottom half moreso than the top imho). It’s was bizarre and beautiful and, aside from it looking like four neckties are wound around the top, it’s really wonderful.


I really liked Seth Aaron‘s look, but not blindly. Frankly I don’t really like this model for his clothes (at all) and Michael Kors’ “crazy crotch” comment was spot on. Seriously, what’s going on with these pants? I would have also preferring them in a red red and not this orange red, but the jacket is wondrous (even if we’ve already seen it from him 700 times). I actually have a very huge love of super long arms, I just adore them, and as my favorite exaggerated proportion there was nothing for me not to love about this jacket. Jay‘s design was great for me too, I don’t know why, but for some reason the judges just won’t warm up to him. The pants were great and the jacket was very Super Cute Ringmaster; what’s not to like?


Mila‘s design, I think, it’s terrible. It’s more drag meets Dracula (dragacula) than circus and the shiny fabric, the crazy collar, what seems to be a bat detail at the waist, not to mention the back … it was all just awful. We all gasped aloud when she was “in” and going to Bryant Park, our shouts of “Nooooo!” almost drowned out the news that her and Jay were going to have to scrap it out for the final spot. Sigh! Anthony‘s elimination felt, to be honest, more like a formality than anything else. The dress was kind of boring given the theme, and Michael Kors getting out of his seat to be horrified by your fabric choice is always a bad sign. Anthony was just so darn sweet though, I wish him nothing but the best.

So yeah, Emilio and Seth Aaron (FTW!) were pretty obvious choices for the top two but hasn’t Mila proven herself mediocre enough to get the boot yet? The suspense continues, I’m cheering for Jay for the final spot, since there’s nothing that Mila’s going to make that I want to see … we shall see!

6 thoughts on “Project Runway Season 7 Episode 12

  1. shuzluva

    I thought Emilio’s dress was gorgeous. Yes, no woman wants to look large in the hips, but this dress was all about illusion; no matter what, you’d look busty, long-legged and spectacular in this thing! I cannot stand Emilio’s ego, lisp or his hatred of Tim Gunn, but I can’t deny that he is extremely talented and definitely deserving of Bryant Park.

    Seth Aaron’s jacket (for the millionth time) was absolutely gorgeous, but who the $(#! is that model and what is she doing in his clothes, and why is he taking her to Bryant Park? (Yes, I watched MOTR this week) I thought the crazy crotch was evident, and he’s made much better looking pants than these, so I was slightly disappointed by that.

    Regarding everyone (but Anthony) why did everyone restrict themselves to black, white, yellow and some form of red/pink? The circus is about so much more than that.

    Mila’s shine was blinding, and sorry, honey, I thought Jay’s Michael Jackson jacket was atrocious. Anthony was, unfortnately, a given.

    Can’t wait for next week!

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Agreed, it was their opinion though, about the hips XP (not mine lol) and totally, this was Emilio’s best piece all season.

      I know, right!? I’m not liking the way this girl wears his pieces, I think a Brandise (even though I’m not pleased with how she badmouthed Jay on MOTR) would have been a better fit.

      At least we saw some polka dots!! lol

  2. Jennifer

    Oh Brigitte I love reading your opinions on the show..I always agree with you. I think Mila is a one trick pony too, she needs to go.

    I truly want Anthony to get his own show…not sure doing what, but he’s a natural.

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Anthony just has a wonderful drawl and sweet personality, for sure :D Glad you like reading the writeup! I’m so stoked to see what happens, I’m cheering for SA all the way!

  3. ri

    Seth Aaron makes alternative-punkish-lady-suits, I guess. I wasn’t keen on the fit of the pants, especially given the abrupt end of the jacket and the high waist of the pants. The sheer exposure of such an ill-fitting area was sorta shocking from him. Still, I love his jackets and I am glad he made it this far. He’s very talented, if very focused, in his vision. But his Bryant Park model looks like a man to me. Ugh. She really isn’t my favorite girl. Actually, I’m not really *into* any of the girls who made it this far.

    I honestly wasn’t *that* wild about Emilio’s dress. It underwhelmed me a bit, perhaps because of their lavish praise after their critique of wide hips last week? Though, he does seem to make a longer, leaner line to the body overall compared to Jay’s attempt. And my sister and I thought neckties too, in regards to the top. At any rate, I’ve started calling Emilio “Kanye” because that’s the only other ego I know comparatively as large. Even so, he is talented and deserves to be where he is…I just don’t really respond to his style. I can see that they are good pieces, I just don’t click with them.

    1. Brigitte Post author

      I agree, I think Seth Aaron’s new model is very masculine looking as well, which would be great it that’s how his clothes were geared, but they aren’t.

      We call Emilio either “Tiger Woods” (because of it copious fist pumping slash punching of the air) or “Hootie” … though it’s mostly Tiger at this point ;3


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