Studio Portrait Saturday, April 10th Edition


I’ve been hard at work in the studio lately (which is why I haven’t been online too too much) and I’m currently working on this piece for the Pink Ghost “Served Cold” show I just blogged about. The theme for all of my pieces is the Furies of classical myth, they’re a minor obsession of mine.

On the left you can see the sketch of the skull and hand on the kokeshi body. I’m at the point where I freehand 95% of my painting but hands aren’t as easy. I actually ended up sketching this design out on paper first too, just to make sure I got the fingers where I wanted them.

On the right you can see how she’s looking today! I wanted to make the skull seem quasi-transparent, like crystal almost, and I’m happy with how it’s coming along. I really feel like the face needs something more, or maybe it’s just that I’m not used to making pieces that aren’t super super busy, lol. Maybe I’ll do something fancy with the neck … hmm …

As always click the pics to see them larger! Hope you all have/had a wonderful Saturday!

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