Project Runway Season 7 Episode 13


Can I just say now that I’m totally offended? However, now that I think about it, the Project Runway judges been making pretty unfortunate calls all season long so maybe I should have expected it. Going head-to-head with Mila I didn’t think Jay should have be worried, but I’m guessing the producers stepped in to see the resident villain (ratings) and woman (tokenism) through to the end. In regards to her dress above (right), do you think she was inspired by Emilio’s washer-laden Barbarella nightmare? Seems like a possibility …


I loved Jay’s pieces, especially the two above. The pants and shin guards (or gaiters, as Michael Kors called them) are wonderful, I’d wear them in a second. They’re interesting and unique, I loved the layering and the subtle use of color. The plum and maroon with gray and black is consistent throughout his entire collection, incidentally. If you’re angry that you won’t be seeing it you can, for the moment at least, view it here. I know “samurai” and “armor” are not unique or new inspirations (even on this show, cough, Siriano and Sebelia, cough) but it’s still something I’m interested in seeing more of …


Unlike Mila’s pseudo-mod collection has been done to absolute death and nearly gave me a seizure as it came down the runway. There’s nothing more I want to see from her and yet I will be forced to sit through it for another week. I don’t think she has a prayer of winning again Seth Aaron or (maybe even) Emilio, whereas I feel like Jay’s collection did. Oh and by the by, remember when she says she uses color on the runway for her final collection? Well keep that in mind next week, that’s all I’m saying … Also that purse above? Yeah, look for that too.

I’m so excited to see what happens next week! I know I could ruin the fun for myself by viewing the collections (like I did with Mila) but I like to be surprised :3 Whee!

6 thoughts on “Project Runway Season 7 Episode 13

  1. shuzluva

    I was shocked that the judges picked Mila, but not that the producers did. While I didn’t *love* Jay’s collection (since I can’t love something I just can’t see myself wearing – and before you start, YES, I CAN SEE MYSELF IN CHRISTIAN SIRIANO), his clothing was exciting and interesting. Mila’s was…blah.

    The only piece I liked was the sequined dress, and before you go down Washer Lane, I highly doubt she was inspired by Emilio. I mean…he barely had something covering his model for that challenge. The only thing his Washers could have inspired was a plumber. I think she saw black and white sequins and thought “AHA! A way to integrate shine without it being like the piece that got me here!”

    I cannot WAIT to see what Seth Aaron came up with. I think the man made 48 pieces overall. HOW INSANE.

  2. justaddmaggi

    Okay, I just got caught up and let me just say, I knew as soon as they said, “Who is ready to show at fashion week?” that they were going to pick boring old crone Mila. BOOOOOOOOOO! Come on! Although I live for anything retro/vintage, I thought her stuff was completely boring and has been overdone and overdone. What a rip off.

    At least Jay had some sort of innovation and since when did the judges start hating that? They’ve reamed people out for being boring, being one note and Mila is the most one note designer they’ve ever had on the show in my opinion.

    Whatever, I think the judges have finally lost it. Maybe the move to Lifetime cracked their crocks.

    Seth Aaron FTW!!!!!

    1. Brigitte Post author

      I agree, I love retro but this isn’t the kind of retro that speaks to me. I know, right? What’s going on, Lifetime? I think the producers are messing with the show (too much) at this point XP boo!

  3. cat

    I’m catching up now….. Just finished this episode and BOO! I’m not exactly surprised, but fail!! I thought Mr. Kors could talk everyone into his opinion. I wish they had gone with Jay….


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