Studio Photos, New Dal In Progress

A new Dal has decided she absolutely must exist. I was sitting in the studio a few days ago, mining my own business, when I started a new Dal … it was really bad. I sanded everything off and sat there staring at her. Then suddenly I knew exactly what she wanted to be: a Fury!

The eyes above are hand cast by me, I haven’t done a Zombuki with a full set of “my” eyes yet and I’m very excited about them, I think they add to her character a lot. She’s going to have a very dark wig, the same color has the feathers on the side, and I’m even considering making a Pullip Fury as well, though I really wanted to start the Camilla d’Errico Zombuki next.

This new Dal is also up for grabs either through installments (up to three months) or a lump sum, so if you’re interested please feel free to contact me either here or via email.

Remember you can click to view the images larger.

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