Project Runway Season 7 Finale

OMG, finale! I can’t believe it’s already over, the laughter, the tears, the … clothes or whatever. Anyhoo … I’m not interested in ruining anyone’s finale the way last season’s was ruined for me (I’m looking in your direction, internet), so hit the jump to read all about it. Also, you can click on any of the images to open them larger for more awesome viewing action …


Bright, primary colors! Shoulder pads and boxy shapes! Let’s all grab our Aqua Net, throw on some shoulder pads, hop into our DeLoreans, and enjoy the 80s …

Ahem, here are my most/least favorites from Emilio’s collection which, on the whole, made me feel like my senses were being mugged. My least favorite (left) is just so horrendous that I don’t have the words to describe it. My “favorite” (right) looks like it’s from the “Addicted to Love” video but with some blue splashes. There was nothing to like here, for me, but the judges who, I admit, probably know a little (a lot) more about fashion than I do saw something in it so … meh. I will say this though, Emilio’s collection was very cohesive, but that’s the best thing I can say about it. At least Tim Gunn thought Emilio’s “branding” was as tacky as I did.


Mila’s collection likes garbage bags and stripes, also eggplant is it’s favorite color (since you won’t let it pick black, white, or gray), and it likes patent leather because that’s edgy, right? Okay, so Mila doesn’t seem like a bad person, this ain’t personal, I just don’t like the vast majority of her collection. It seems like it can’t figure out if it’s cool and hip (gloves, arm warmers, leggings/tights, the accessories basically) or really retro slash mod (everything else).

My favorite piece (right) is sparkly and strange, even though it’s really long in the back (is that flattering on anyone?) and has patent leather, which looks cheap, but aside from those minor glitches (I guess) it’s somewhat charming. My least favorite (left) is the garbage bag, but then again, we all know that Jay can make a garbage bag look amazing, so … enough said.




Is it me or were all the Seth Aaron’s models styled to enhance their most scary and masculine features, or what?

I have so much love for this collection it’s silly. Sure, the fifth look (with the red belt) was a touch bizarre, and the yellow pants (seventh look) couldn’t possibly be flattering on anyone, but most of it was stunning. The checkerboard jacket in the ninth look is probably my favorite, though I loved the red dress (first look), and the striped tights in the eighth look were amazing. I know the tenth look was a little crazy, a little Mad Max meets cocktail hour, but I really love insane clothing, so I couldn’t help but love it too. Seth Aaron, like Mila, did shiny detailing, but I thought the way he handled it wasn’t as bad (though I still don’t like shiny).

On the whole I couldn’t be happier that he won, I cheered and cheered, and vindictively gloated over Emilio’s bitterness – that’s what happens when you’re cocky! Just like when Michelle Kwan only took silver in the Olympics but her exhibition round (post competition) skate was programmed to “Fields of Gold” and, if memory serves, she ended up crying through it. That’s. What. Happens.

As for the post-show reunion … what’s up with Maya’s dagger eyes? I have a feeling she was only there because she was contractually obligated to be. The Jay/Cerri jab was awesome and I loved it. As a model Cerri (and Brandise) had no business trash talking Jay’s work as much as they did and I’m glad he slammed her (even though he apologized, boo). If you think he got “too personal” by dissing her looks keep in mind that she makes her living off of them, so maybe it was “just business” for Jay too, hmm?

Well that’s it kids! I’m sad to say it’s over for Season 7 … any thoughts to share?

Runway images from New York Magazine

7 thoughts on “Project Runway Season 7 Finale

  1. tadpolenyc

    disagree that jay’s comment to cerri was to be applauded. if he was so justified, how come the entire room went silent and tim & nina chastised him. He was out of line and wrong for his childish remark. she stated his work belonged in LA/Miami which he stated he saw himself as an LA designer then personally slammed her. runway models don’t need straight teeth so it had nothing to do with her business. dont defend idiotic, bitchy remarks by jay.

    1. Brigitte Post author

      I’m saying that I loved it, not that it was magnanimous. I don’t have a reel of everything she said, but her remarks about Jay’s work came off as personal in MOTR. I just think that’s it’s great that he actually said something to her, even if it was nasty. The people on both shows were being privately nasty about each other’s work all season, so it’s nice to see someone actually have the guts to say it face to face. I didn’t say “Wow Jay is a big person!” I just said that I was glad it happened and then I explained why. I think I’m in the vast minority, by the way …

  2. Ming

    Cerri needs to know her place as a model: she works FOR designers. Like all models, she is a fancy clothes hanger – nothing more – and it’s her job to stand there and show the clothes, not comment on them and certainly not weigh in on them like she did.

    I have legs as big as hers, and would never in a million years think I was industry-standard-skinny enough to walk runways. They ARE thick for a runway model, and though she probably didn’t need it brought up on national TV, someone would have said it to her eventually.

  3. renee

    omg, i finally found a blog that i completely agree with especially about the jay comment. Wasn’t Cerri the one that initiaited a feud with her trash-talking jay’s designs as a designer? The fact that jay came out and said what i was thinking all along was hilarious, why can’t he comment on her phsyique as a model? People might think its taboo to criticize a woman’s wieht/physique however, in this context i think it was fair game. Both Cerri and Jay think too much of themselves and both came away with hurt feelings but collectively, cerri and jay were both right about one another: jay sucks as a designer, and cerri doesn’t look like a runway model.

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Thank you! I’m glad :3 hopefully you’ll stop back when the next season starts. I can’t wait :3 Re: this post I felt like they were saying so much about each other privately it was refreshing to see someone say it to another person’s face instead of waiting for them to hear it from their TV.


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