Blythe Eye Chips Test


To put it lightly: I’m super excited! Some friends have been suggesting that I make my custom resin doll eye chips available and, at first, I was resistant to the idea (I admit), but then I remembered that I have to pay bills, lol! Well, not totally, but I make so few Zombuki Blythe dolls I realized that there was really no harm in making my resin chips in Blythe sizes. Plus my next Sinister Sweets Zombuki is going to be a Blythe so I needed to make chips for her anyway and … success!

Hopefully this means that I’ll be making a line of Blythe eye chips available in the very near future (I’m hoping within a week). All of them will be hand cast and trimmed to fit our apple headed darlings. Plus I can make them in pretty much any color of glitter you can imagine, always a good thing!

The ones above are mint green and glow in the dark, they’re for the Sinister Sweets Blythe that I’m hoping to turn the girl above into. She’s a custom I started for myself years ago but I sort of petered out halfway through, but last week I ordered mohair wefts for her so I’m hoping to get her going again!

2 thoughts on “Blythe Eye Chips Test

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Awesome :3 thank you! I have some random colors setting now but if there’s any in particular you want to see just say the word!


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