April 2010 Month End Report

Well April is over, let’s see how I did on my goals …

  • Publish Photos of Vinca – Check! Vinca’s Gallery is up with two photo shoot, yay!
  • List New Zombuki Notebooks – Yes! I added two new notebooks to the lineup, one of Pon and one of Hirondelle.
  • Clean/Organize Desk and Bookshelf – No, I didn’t do it and it’s so dusty and disorganized. On top of it all I’ve moved my laptop into the living room and then took over the table with the TV on it with junk. I think I made anti-progress on this one!
  • Release Blind Box Kokeshi Series 1 – Check! I released the Petit Ami Collection, my little buddies!
  • Finish/Send Wholesale Orders – Um, sorta? I finished them but they still need to be sent. When I see stuff like this on the list and I don’t check it off I’m like, “Seriously? Was I asleep all month?”
  • Set Up Zombuki Gallery Here – Indeed. The gallery is up with 8 pages in it, I’m slowly migrating pages over from the domain so hopefully it won’t be long before everything is all in one place.
  • Finish 5 Collages for Art-o-Mat – Um, no, they’re on my TV desk … I’m so lame.
  • Finish Jem Girl Zombuki Pullip (Pistil) – Yes! Pistil is all finished and will be going home very soon, I just need to get a set of photos of her outside and then she’s off into the world …
  • Photograph Spumoni Monster Kokeshi – Fail. This is so easy too! Get on the stick, Brigitte!
  • Finish/Photograph Pieces for Pink Ghost Group Show – One is finished and photographed and one is not, which is too bad so sad because they need to go to the post office right about now to make the show deadline so … yeah. I need to get that done tomorrow!

There you have it, folks! April 2010 was a mixed bag but I didn’t do too badly … here’s to next month!

One thought on “April 2010 Month End Report

  1. shuzluva

    Hey…you actually did pretty well this month! It must be the whole new outlook on everything. Great job babes!


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