Studio Portrait Friday, May 7th Edition


For those of you entirely outside of the doll world some news: one of the greats has retired. Just over a week ago Céline C. aka Citron Rouge called it quits. Céline’s work was dark, often disturbing, mixing themes of the paranormal with sexuality and all through the lens of dolls. I found her work hard to look at some times, but I always wanted to see more, make no mistake, she was a master. Viewing her photography was an inspiration for me and I always wanted to push myself when I saw her work. Happily her favorite color scheme – turquoise and mustard – is also one of mine.

Coincidentally, I got my first BJD, a Hujoo Berry, around the same time that Céline announced her retirement, and so I am making my first BJD an homage to her. As I worked she ended up reminding me most of Junaled (above) and so I bought a black wig for Berry – my first time* using a black wig! The strange little girl is coming along nicely now … I am just waiting for her eyes to show up in the mail to finish her. More photos soon!

* Ecila’s hair looks black in a lot of photos but it’s not, it’s a mix of black and a very dark blue green.

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