Hello Kitty Fabergé Style Eggs


My friend Laina sent me a link to this awesome set of pseudo-Fabergé eggs adorned with Hello Kitty goodness! The series is French Princess, Greece Goddess, Chinese Empress, Arabian Dancer, and English Queen. They’re pre-ordering for about $45 … I think it’s 8 blind boxes and the series has 5 pieces in it. For that price I really hope the quality is good.

Hobby Search is where I got the info, so if you know more pass it along! I totally only want the English and French ones, but I’m seriously considering pre-ordering them since I have a feeling that this is one of those super cute Hello Kitty things that’s going to get all rare and fancy-expensive down the road. Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Fabergé Style Eggs

  1. shuzluva

    WHOA. I’m totally with you on the French/English. Ooh, the English one is so SO up my alley. I love all things Tudor. Hmmm…Theyr’e gonna get all rare. I know it. Like the stuff that sells out in a second on strap-ya. Wanna go halvsies?


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