Leeanna Butcher Jumping Beans

I saw these Mexican Jumping Bean plush toys a bit back but was reminded of them yesterday, I can’t believe I almost forgot to get one! I ended up ordering the one in the center of the right photo, the lavender tummy one, so cute! The only gripe I have is that no where could I find the size of them, um … important! Regardless, I can’t wait to see it in person, I’ll be sure to post photos of it and the ever-growing handmade stuffed animal collection.

Only 15 of these beans were made by Leeanna Butcher for this year’s Plush You! and there’s a great interview with her on the Plush You! site. If you need a bean (you do) you can pick up one of these little darlings at the Schmancy Store. If you get one let me know which it is!

Thanks to Vinyl Pulse for reminded me to buy one!

6 thoughts on “Leeanna Butcher Jumping Beans

  1. Mamascience

    These are great! Reminds me of the little Mexican jumping beans we recently discovered.

    They are so much fun. Must get one of these too!


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