Spumoni Monster for Super7 Florida


Spumoni Monster is a pseudo-kokeshi that I made for the Super7 Florida Monsters in the Mangroves show. Nicknamed Amadeus, he was totally a labor of love and I worked on him slowly over a couple of months. The concept for the show was monsters that would be found in Florida, so I had to make an ice cream monster! Can you see the “scoops”? lol

His whipped cream hair is made out of a semi-flexible silicone (super toxic in squishy form) that dries with a nice gloss – there’s nothing else like it in the world! He was embellished with pearl “sprinkles” and has a fancy “Z” (for Zombuki!) on the back, as well as being signed on the bottom.

Here’s his official story:

Spumoni Monster was once a happy ice cream cone, but one day he was left out in the sun too long. Instead of melting he mutated into a benevolent yet scary three-headed sentient creature who may never realize his karmic destiny of being consumed …

I’m very happy to say that Spumoni Monster found a home at the show opening and I was even lucky enough to meet the super-sweet person who bought him! :D Hurray!

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