Zombuki Painting … Maybe


So … I decided to try to paint something, lol, like something 2D, you know, a painting. That’s pretty much what happened for the last three days and I have to say, painting takes forty forevers. I decided to paint a Zombuki though of course, and a siren, at that. At the moment I’m thinking I have one or two more days left on it, but I like how it’s coming out. I’ve always felt like I was a really bad painter so I’ve been really hesitant to try it. I’ll post more progress photos as I have them. Wish me luck!

One thought on “Zombuki Painting … Maybe

  1. Maggi

    This is going to be very cool I think. You know what it reminds me of (just stay with me on this, lol): Okay so remember how Rankin and Bass made the Christmas programs (Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, etc) and they would show them “live” animation and then you might see a “cartoony” version of the stop motion characters? Well, that’s what this reminds me of, like a cartoonish version of the real thing.

    That’s a totally huge compliment by the way, hope it makes sense. LOL

    Good luck, can’t wait to see more!


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