10 Things for SPT

For this week’s Self Portrait Thursday I was tagged on Flickr by some friends so I thought I’d go ahead and list some random Brigitte facts:

1. I love cranberry and pomegranate flavors, I buy just about anything in those flavors.

2. I really like Top 40, like, really bad pop culture radio makes me happy, I always sing along in the car.

3. When ever I see rainbow stuff I want to buy all of them because I hate breaking the rainbow colors apart.

4. I love Mary Jane shoes, they’re so cute.

5. I made my evil eye necklaces because of this super creepy evil eye lapel pin that I had when I was a tween. Eventually it broke but I really loved it!

6. I have tons and tons of pin back buttons, my favorite ones are on my backpack, Babette.

7. My backpack, Babette, is named after Alice B. Toklas, Gertrude Stein’s companion.

8. My favorite mythical animals are unicorns, yeti, and hippocampi. The hippocami is the hardest to find swag of, by the way.

9. The stairs to my house are crazy steep, everyone complains about them.

10. I still have unassembled Ikea furniture tucked into a corner of my house. I can’t seem to put it together or bring myself to throw it out.

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