August 2010 Dal, Kanta

I know that I already complained about this, but when I saw the “official” description of the Groove, Inc August 2010 Dal, Kanta, it was hard not to be offended:

  • Our final Oriental royal series model (Pullip Saras and Taeyang Wati released June, 2010)
  • Soft chestnut hair and a gallant look in Dal’s Face
  • Oriental Royal Style
  • Outfit is gorgeous with unique and cute shoes!!
  • Dal’s name Kanta comes from “Beauty”

This is verbatim. So apparently we’re now using terms like “Oriental” again which, if I’m not mistaken, is considered offensive. Then we’re going to celebrate imperialism with a pale, “royal” doll whose name means “beauty.” “Royal” as in “invader”? Did they just use a lot of flash when they took this photo and this doll actually has a much darker skintone, or is she really going to be this pale? Because if she’s not a colonizer of this culture then she’s using skin bleaching cream in an effort to conform to a Western beauty ideal. And yes, I might be reading too much into a doll, but seriously, is anyone else ticked off about this series?

10 thoughts on “August 2010 Dal, Kanta

  1. Rose O.T.G.


    The ‘pale skin’ ideal isn’t really a western thing, it was popular in Asian cultures and basically around everywhere where pale skin was popular for another reason entirely. Pale skin signifies wealth in that people with pale skin usually have it because they don’t go outside much… A.k.a no field work :3 so that doesn’t particularly bother me.

    However the whole thing about ‘oriental’ style really does buy into the whole ‘I am western and can’t tell the difference between Japan and India so I’ll just call it all Oriental’

    Royal fashions differ so much from country to country and province to province that I really wish they had specified a country name…

    1. Brigitte Post author

      While I know pale is glamorized, and thank you for pointing out other reasons, this doll, to me, still looks white. The destructive nature of promoting fair skin as better (ie: skin bleaching) is still a valid point, I think.

      1. Rose O.T.G.

        Oh gawd… Skin bleaching x_x while I understand lots of people just like the way light skin looks it still… Creeps me out DX

        Now you’ve pointed it out, the tone of her skin does suggest European genes, also her hair…

        I know many Asians with very light skin but it’s all sort of a warmer tone :S

  2. Wardah

    I find this slightly ironic considering Groove is a Korean company. I sorta wonder what has gotten lost in the translation since I have a feeling this whole series seems, to me anyways, as being inspired by the Prince of Persia movie coming out. Persians are pretty pale compared to other Eastern cultures.

    1. Brigitte Post author

      That’s something to consider I hadn’t thought of, for sure. I’ll lobby for darker skinned girls regardless, they’re so much more wonderful for customizing :D

  3. Mitsu

    If you were actually Asian, I don’t think you would even think twice about this. It’s not offending….it’s just a pretty doll. That’s why a Korean company made it.

  4. Aardvark

    Too late to comment upon it, but still…

    Don’ t be silly. It is just a doll. “Oriental” was a popular trend once, and this is just a “retro” doll the way Groove sees it. You westerners are just overdoing it with your political correctness, and THAT seems insulting. You just drug it out, even if was not anywhere to be seen . Shame on you.


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