Super7 Lucky Bag Swag Haul 2010

The Super7 9th Anniversary Lucky Bags came out yesterday in the shops and my friend Sydney and I went in half/half on one (because, dang, they’re not cheap!). My job was to swap and since she and I love the same stuff I had to get doubles, turns out that was the fire under the butt I needed and I traded like I meant it!

We ended up with two Pocket Mummy Gators in banana bumble bee yellow, an upainted clear Garuru prototype (one orange, one green), the new Power Mister (GID pink, Syd’s favorite), and clear glitter Mummy Boy with blue spray. Not bad! I took home a Pocket Gator, the Mummy Boy (which I really love), and the orange Garuru, so I’m stoked, plus the party was so much fun! Hopefully I’ll have photos to post soon.

Now I just need to get Skullbrain to accept my registration so I can try and buy the stunning Lucky Bag Mummy Gator. I want to keep my Mummy Boy but I might even be willing to trade my others for it, I don’t know … I do know that I can’t wait to do it again next year!

Update: I got the Mummy Gator!

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