Lil’ Head in the Studio


Have you even seen someone take one of the Little Pullip heads and put it on an Obitsu body? It actually looks really … normal! You know, like “real” dolls look, it’s kind of amazing, actually, and it’s a really simple mod. In my infinite distraction yesterday (and I really am infinitely distractable) I ended up starting one of these “normal” headed girls.

Thus we have the beginnings of Salamane, she’s a little enchanted owlet and there’s something about her that reminds me of an old friend of mine, so Salamane is named after her. The color scheme is all chocolate, lavender, and a sort of indigo purple. The little faces are really hard to work on but fun at the same time.

I have a new Pullip in the works too, so I’ll post photos of her soon. Until then hope you’re having a good Saturday!

6 thoughts on “Lil’ Head in the Studio

  1. Wardah

    I wonder if such a thing would work for Petite Blythe (she blinks!) or even A regular sized Pullip with a bigger Obitsu body?

    1. Brigitte Post author

      I’ve seen the regular Pullip head on the huge body, I think it looks freakish XP lol Not sure about Petit Blythe, I’ve never owned one actually! :D

  2. Jenny

    I like it. I’m so afraid of taking off my dolls heads. Mine are momoko’s but I’ve heard horror stories. Like cracked necks and such. Totally don’t want that!!

    1. Brigitte Post author

      On the Little Pullip and Dal series? I can’t imaging that happening O___O they’re really built to be taken apart (unlike Blythe imho).


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