Random Life Stuff and Junk

I didn’t post any goals last months so I figured a random personal post would compensate for that. For starters I managed to mostly clean my studio last week (after talking about it for at least a month) before getting sucked back in to working in it, thus abandoning the project and messing it up again. Yay!

On Friday afternoon my air conditioning started making this crazy noise, I seriously thought it was going to explode, so I ran over to it and switched it off then (no lie) ran and hid on the stairs just in case. Of course the AC doesn’t actually switch off when you turn it off, so I looked over, saw the circuit breaker, and used my smarts to actually turn it off. There was smoke. I was like, “OMG I’m going to die!” and started quickly making a list in my head of things that I’d have to grab if there was a fire in my walls (Rax, laptop, Zombuki girls, camera …). Of course I also called the AC guy who worked on it a year ago and he happened to be leaving a job near here, cosmic! Luckily he got here within 30 minutes and – I think – fixed it for $100 which is a freaking miracle as far as I’m concerned. Things actually did catch on fire, so scary! They had to replace some burned wires and stuff. I’m really lucky it wasn’t 100x worse! I’m still like, “Do I smell smoke?” every once in a while, sigh!

Speaking of things on fire I think my Mac laptop is circling the drain. It’s been about 5 years which is about all you can get out of them, and when I came home yesterday it was asleep (like I left it) but when I opened the lid to wake it up the screen was black. I started to panic! Then I felt it and it was hot, like crazy crazy crazy hot. The last laptop I lost when it overheated so bad (in sleep mode) that it melted itself (warping the keyboard in the process as well as frying its insides). I freaked out a bit but forced it off and then it did turn back on. I have a LOT of unpublished Zombuki photos on my laptop, like … 4 or 5 shoots worth … that equates to high hundreds of photos to go through. Just in case, I started going through shoots last night, Idyll and Pistil are now safe from the meltdown, I think there’s one shoot of Dia and Maglio together and that’s the last I need to save.

I really need to pick up an external hard drive though since my disc drive no longer works properly, that way I can actually back things up like an adult. Mac’s really aren’t worth fixing when they get like this, it costs half the price of a new computer and it will die in 6 months anyway, so I’m just bracing for the inevitable at this point. Hopefully the ol’ girl will have some pity and hang in there for us starving artists. I guess only time will tell!

So that’s what’s been going on with me!

2 thoughts on “Random Life Stuff and Junk

  1. HarlequinEyes

    Once you get an external drive, download a program called “Ice Mirror.” It’s a free program that will back up your files for you. You just tell it what you want to back up, and where to put it. You can also tell it to just back up content that’s changed since your last back up, so you don’t have to run it forever every time. It’s basically idiot-proof. The only problem is that if you’re like me (or I assume like you too), you’ll do it once and then forget to do it again for weeks. I really need to set an alert or something on my computer to remind me to use it…


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