Monster Family and Life

I would have posted this on Skull Brain but I can’t seem to get my membership approved (pout) sooooo here’s all the kaiju in the house! A lot of them actually belong to my friend Sydney, who split this cost of this year’s Lucky Bag with me :D but a lot of them are mine, I confess! Because I like lists …

  • Rose Vampire, Outerspaced
  • Mummy Boy, Anniversary Ed.
  • Mummy Gator, Anniversary Ed.
  • Mummy Gator, Albino
  • Garuru, Clear Orange Unpainted
  • Pocket Mummy Gator, Yellow
  • Power Mister, OG Version
  • Garuru, Clear Green Unpainted
  • Pocket Killer, Clear Orange
  • Killer, Clear Purple/Blue
  • Pocket Mummy Boy, Clear Purple
  • Micro Zagoran, GID Pink

I’m considering trading the Clear Orange Unpainted Garuru and the Yellow Pocket Mummy Gator – I want the Clear Purple Painted Garuru and the GID Pocket Mummy Gator. I might ask one of my friends on SB to broker for me ;3 someone wants to buy the Garuru but I have no idea what it’s worth and have no way to find out so … anyone know? :D

Also, I haven’t been online lately for a lot of reasons, a LOT, but one of the big ones is that my wrist seems to have an irritated tendon or something, and putting my hand on the desk to type is making it tingle. I’m a little concerned since it’s the hand I paint with O__O Also other reasons, one of which is my new next door neighbor, whose turn ons include loud TV at all times and sucking at life, and whose turn offs include basic awareness of apartment living. If she fell down the stairs I wouldn’t be upset about it, that’s all I’m sayin’ … Anyway, every time I come online I find myself just wanting to complain about my growing hatred for her, like above! LOL Good times …

Doll news, Salamane has found a home, I need to post photos of her, new photos of Kimi are on the portfolio site, and Valley has been adopted. Thanks to everyone who emailed me about her, love to you all!

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