Enchanted Doll Essay on Beauty and the Beast

Marina of Enchanted Doll (aka the doll above) is a genius. If you collect dolls in any way and haven’t heard of her work, prepare to have your standards raised. Below is part of an essay she wrote above the “Beauty and the Beast” doll (above) …

In my opinion, the fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast is a romanticized hostage situation, where the Beast is a narcissistic psychopath while the Beauty is his vulnerable hostage who is losing touch with reality and “falling in love” with her captor to survive a deeply traumatizing ordeal.

Moreover, the very act of romanticizing a fundamentally disturbing account of a woman’s abduction, subjugation and unlawful imprisonment into a pretty fairy tale to teach girls compassion and kindness towards monsters, seems to be a manifestation of a Stockhom syndrome in itself, perhaps to facilitate survivial in a world of systematic abuse and violence against women.

The full post is on her site here though I’ve reproduced most of it above. Brilliant, non?

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